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PLA Displayed Title

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Hello -


Does anyone know what the title character limits are to ensure full title is displayed versus cut off with ...?

After reviewing my ad with others, it looks like 18 for top line and 15 for bottom but if anyone could confirm.


Thank you!



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PLA Displayed Title

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for shopping-ads, there is no such exact number.

google may truncate a title depending on the context of the ad and display --
typically 15, 60, 70, 100, or 120 or so characters, depending on the context.

longer titles will always be truncated depending on these and other contexts.

since the title fluctuates there is no way to fit a title in all contexts --
simply be certain the first 15, 60, 70, or 100 characters accurately name
the exact physical item being sold -- include all important details that
help define the specific physical product being sold and shipped.

importantly perhaps, all 150 characters will be indexed and used for searches --
to match the product to the user's search-terms; generally, display is extremely
important but do not sacrifice the potential to match a relevant search, for a
better display.

there may be a need to rearrange the titles,
so that the most unique and relevant name
is in the first 15, 60, or 70 or so characters.


inspecting search-query related reports -- against impressions, clicks, and
conversions -- may help to decide which of an item's physical characteristics
are best moved to the first 15-70 or so characters and which may do better
when moved to the last 80 characters, or into the description, both within
the submitted data (feed) and on the landing-page.

a best-practice is to measure results before, during, and after any change.

otherwise, the best likely course is to simply follow all
google's specifications, guidelines, and best-practices.

google constantly experiments with the format and display of shopping-ads;
there is no such static or exact number, for title character-limits, to ensure
a full title is displayed within all contexts -- google decides all format and
display and those details may change at any time.