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PLA Ads Disapprove

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Google has starting to disapprove our PLA ads on Google shopping and reason it says is 'images can't crawl due to robots restriction'. 

I have check my robots via webmaster tester and it is clean. The following is my robots.


# robots.txt for

User-Agent: *

Disallow: /checkout/cart/*

Disallow: /pricing-policy*

Disallow: /customer/account/login/*

Disallow: /*?size*

Disallow: /*?color*

Disallow: /*?limit*

Disallow: /*?dir*

Disallow: /*catalogsearch*

Disallow: /*?season*

Disallow: /*?manufacturer*


User-agent: Googlebot



User-agent: Googlebot-Image



All my images are under 'media/catalog' path. Can anyone help me out as its been almost 2 weeks and my revenue is decreasing.



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Re: PLA Ads Disapprove

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(1) a single disapproval message can be for many multiple issues.

(2) google may simply take a few weeks or more to update the account --

two weeks may be enough time to re-crawl the site but two-weeks may

not be enough time to update the account.

(3) that robots.txt seems ok -- adding adbots-google may be prudent.


however, that same error may have nothing whatever to do with robots.txt --
also, be certain that the image_link values are truly static image files.

some shopping-cart systems auto-generate or cache images with dynamic
files or dynamic image names -- if so, google may not be able to properly
crawl such files; and typically, either the submitted data must be kept in
sync each time the catalog is re-generated or, potentially all image files
must be moved or copied to more static files in a more static location.

inspect the image_link url values for auto-generated-looking names such as:

as opposed to more static files such as --

also, check each error against the corresponding image_link url value --
some crawls may simply take 24-72 hours or so to fully complete and
a few weeks or more to update the account.

(4) as was indicated, a single disapproval can be for multiple issues;
unfortunately, forum members cannot look into the feed or account --
before making any change, the best likely course would be to simply
contact a support specialist at google directly.

(5) if a third-party is involved in handling the website or feed
then, that third-party support-organization should likely also
be contacted directly for guidance.