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Out Of Stock products appearing in PLA's.

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I've been testing my PLAs over the last couple of days and out of stock products are appearing in them. I've checked on merchant center and they are appearing out of stock, however when i've created my PLA they are still appearing as in stock. 

I have different PLA's for example on some PLA the auto target is to a specific product type therefore i do not want to add another auto target of "In Stock" as this will then show all products rather than just that product type. Is there any other way to ensure that only in stock products appear ?

When using auto targets is there a way in which they can work on an "AND" logic. E.G Product type AND Brand showing products that are in that product type and are a certain brand, rather than showing products in that product type or that specific brand?

Any answers will be much appreciated Thanks.

Re: Out Of Stock products appearing in PLA's.

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hey Sammy,

I am not sure you are looking for following on not. May it can help you.
Please refer :