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Order of Feed vs Store update

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I need to change pricing on product in the store.  In the past I have prepared the product feed for upload, uploaded it and changed pricing in the store all within minutes.  There is obviously some lag in crawl vs store vs new feed, as it is often I get price mismatch errors, which then takes the product offline for DAYS, not hours.

I have also tried the store update first, followed by the feed with the same result.  We're not talking about hours in between, but minutes.  It is apparent to me that it is a lag on google's side, not mine.

How do I change the feed upload and store pricing and not have to sit through days of google re-crawling my site because of an error that isn't?


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Re: Order of Feed vs Store update

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first, be certain id values never, ever,
change so that the crawls are accurate.

second, check the landing-page to be certain the matching price
is clearly displayed, only one, single, price is on the page, and the
price does not change after updating -- for example, due to the
(browser) user-agent or physical location such as the ip-address
or any similar locale information.

third, submit the data (feed) at the same time the website is updated.

fourth, if any processing takes place before the feed is uploaded
or, the feed is scheduled, be certain that these time-frames are
coordinated with the actual data upload and the website update.

if the website's (price or availability data) change frequently
then, up to four feed re-uploads per day are recommended.

yes, after a feed re-upload google may sometimes take 24-72 hours
or so to crawl all items within the feed to check for quality violations
such as price-mismatches.

generally, check the merchant-account's dashboard under data-quality for
the last-data-snapshot and the server's log files for googlebot entries, to
help determine when google is crawling the site for data-quality violations.

if four feed re-uploads per day cannot meet google's quality standards,
given google's current crawl rate and the website's price and availability
update frequency then, google requires the api be used -- not a data-feed.

however, for certain types of items or circumstances, if price or availability
mismatches continue to occur, for whatever reason, then such items may
need to be removed altogether to avoid suspension from the program.

has a person at google been contacted to
look into the feed, website, and account?