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Optimising PLA Feeds - (Improving Bounce Rate)

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We have very high bounce rates (70% +) in our Shopping PLA's. Text ad's are around 30%.

I'm trying to come up with ideas on how to improve this and would appreciate any input.

At the moment im looking at;
 - Negative KW's Via the search term report.
 - Changing product titles / Custom product titles for the Feed (although Custom titles could potentially harm bounce rate).

Any other suggestions would be great,


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Re: Optimising PLA Feeds - (Improving Bounce Rate)

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assuming the measurements, statistics, and conclusions, are accurate,
a high bounce-rate over time can often be triggered by two issues --
(1) data quality;
(2) landing-page quality.

adding negative-words can often help (1) -- check the dimensions-tab
to help verify that the search-terms people are using are in fact poorly
aligned with the products being submitted and the landing-page.

also for (1)
(a) be certain the title names the physical item succinctly and accurately;
(b) be certain the description describes the physical item or
how the physical item might be used -- succinctly and accurately;
(c) be certain all attributes follow the suggested guidelines --
submitting even slightly irreverent or inaccurate data for any
attribute can cause google to misalign relevancy;
(d) be certain to adjust or remove any data not following the guidelines;
(e) the most relevant text should be within the first 60 characters or so;
note that what brings a user to a landing-page may be irrelevant to what
the user wants in terms of staying and browsing or a purchase;
(f) be certain the data (feed) does not contain any promotional text
and accurately conveys what the user will see on the landing-page.
(g) be certain all data submitted matches the landing-page information;

if the click results in a purchase bounce-rate might be ignored.

for (2)
(a) target the landing-page to exactly one, single, item for purchase;
(b) be certain the call-to-action is clear and above-the-fold;
(c) consider promotional-messages in adwords;
(d) more clearly identify the product on the page;
(e) clearly differentiate the company and website's usability;
(f) adjust the landing-page based on the item's category and user segment;
(g) consider time-sensitive promotional-messages within adwords;
(h) adjust the inflection of the feed data and promotional-messages in adwords;
(i) add below-the-fold incentives to stay on the page -- but do not distract
the potential customer from the primary ad or completing a purchase;
for example, display only one, single, price on the page and the most
dominate image should be clear and more enticing than any other images.

what works for a broad-match, low-bounce-rate, themed, keyword-ad,
may not work at all for a much more targeted product-listing-ad.

generally, always make careful initial measurements, make only incremental,
focused, changes to the website, submitted data (feed), or campaign, and
measure the results, often, against the initial measurements.

see also

Re: Optimising PLA Feeds - (Improving Bounce Rate)

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i have the same problem as u do in google shopping traffic, and it is almost 75%. it killing me.
and thanks @Celebird give me the pro advice, and i have re-scaned my feed. and my website, also the product price, which is cheap than others in my niche. So i still can not figure out what is wrong with it. Someone told me that the shopping engine traffic drives a high bounce with the text ads. "it is so common that the bounce rate of shopping engine is more higher than the text ads, it is because that the text ads which people could not see the pics directly and have to digg deep in your website which can attract his/her attention, but the shopping engine is more different from that. cuz they can see the exactly imgs, prices, details in that is we say google shopping, so if they click in but found it not the one he/she like, will close it. Maybe the problem is here." And i have digg more info in the internet, many people has the problem with the high bounce rate in google shopping, still get no answers about it.

Re: Optimising PLA Feeds - (Improving Bounce Rate)

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how are measurements being made?
of the 10-15 or so changes that were suggested,
what exact changes have been attempted so far?
what were the results of the changes?

there is likely no one magical answer
that will solve all bounce-rate issues --
there are simply too many variables.

posting more exact information here in the public forum
may allow members to offer more targeted suggestions.