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Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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Hello, I have been able to get my feed approved and have products showing up in Google Shopping.  Each of my products have price variations.  Other than the price the variations are all the same. 


How do I control which price variation Google Shopping selects.


Presently, the most expensive price variation is what is being selected by Google Shopping.  All other my lower priced variations for each product are not visible in Google Shopping.  I understand that since everything is the same, except for price, Google would want to show only one variation.  However, because they show the most expensive one, upon first impression, the product is not able to compete with other lower priced items.  I use WooCommerce, which allows a default price to appear on my site.  Despite that I select the lowest price, which shows on my site, Google only shows my most expensive price. 


What do I need to do to my feed for Google to know that I want them to show my lowest priced variation for each product?

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Re: Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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first, the website would need to display each price and variant separately --
for example, by using a separate link landing-page or by preselecting the
product variant using link url parameters; e.g.



each landing-page would need to display only the one variant and one price.

then, there are a few options with respect to the feed and bids:
either (a) submit only one specific in stock variant, rather than
all possible variants; or (b) submit most or all of the variants but,
bid higher on specific variants so that those items have a better
chance of winning in the ad auctions.

since both bid and quality are factors, be certain to include specific
variant information, such as size, both within a variant (size) attribute
and within the title and description attributes -- that way, if users do
search for a specific size there is more chance for that specific item
to win in the ad auctions and be displayed (on google-shopping).

also, if option (b) is used, be certain that proper, identical, item_group_id
values and a proper, unique, variant (e.g. size) attribute are both used --
in addition to the unique link value -- for each product variant-group,

to avoid a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

that said, other than option (a) there is likely no way to force a specific
price variant (e.g. size) to display; all outcomes in the ad auctions are
based on bid and quality factors -- which are related to how a user is

searching over time.


Re: Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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Ok - I understand your answer, however, lets say I have a 14x14 pillow with a price of $20 and a pillow for 18x18 pillow with a price of $25. The image for both pillows would be the same since without something to gauge scale, they don't look any different from each other. It's bizzare and impractical that I would be forced to create separate pages/products for each different size pillow, when I can do so with one image on one page with a simple drop down menu with a different price for each size, with a default price being assigned to what is shown on the page initially (which is how the woocommerce variation interface works). I can understand the logic of separate landing pages when there is some distinguishing physical property of a product that needs to be shown, but in my case, I have 20 different sizes/prices for the same pillow (which on a computer will look the same). Doesn't Google hate duplicate content, which is what you are suggesting that I create (20 pages with the same content, except price). Makes no sense, and there must be a way, via the feed, to communicate to Google that they should display the particular price variation I intend to try to compete with, not the highest price one they appear to be picking from.

Re: Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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the same pillow with the same image that comes in different sizes and prices
would be considered variants and must follow all the merchant-center rules
and policies for product-variants -- or risks disapproval or suspension.

for images, variants that differ by a color, material, or pattern should
use a separate image that exactly matches the provided variant data --
or risk a disapproval at any time; a variant that only differs by size may
submit the same (image_link) image.

item_group_id and variant attributes with proper values are used
to indicate a variant item's uniqueness within the feed to avoid
a disapproval or suspension for duplicate items; a best-practice

is to include specific variant information in the title and description.


for such product variations, the current merchant-center specifications
recommend submitting a link url that preselects the exact variant item
(e.g. the exact size) being submitted.

however, there is no requirement to submit all possible variants --
generally, the choices are to either submit only one of the variants
in the variant group (e.g. only one of the sizes) or, submit multiple
variants using proper variant attributes (e.g. size) with identical
item_group_id values for all products in the variant-group.

proper item_group_id, variant attributes, and link url pre-selection,
communicates the variant details per the specifications and avoids
a disapproval for submitting duplicate items.

for example, if you wish to submit 20 different size variants then,
the item_group_id value must be identical and the size value must
be unique, for each of the 20 items in the variant group -- each of
the 20 variant items would need to be submitted separately.

which item wins in the auction depends on the bid and quality
factors -- such as the quality of all submitted (feed) data.

for example, to increase the chances that the lowest-price item will
win in the auctions, two possibilities include -- either submit only
the lowest-price item or submit multiple variants but bid lower on
all the higher-priced, larger-size, variants submitted in the feed.

if multiple variants are submitted be certain to use
proper item_group_id and proper variant attributes,
to avoid a future disapproval or suspension.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies
and a support specialist may be contacted directly.

see also

Re: Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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So this is a problem with Woocommerce? Why does WooCommerce allow creation of drop down menus that create variations that are all accessed from one/the same page. I can't believe the WooCommerce would be doing something contra to Google without alerting users of what you are saying is verboten. In the world of "logic" something in your explanations does not make sense. I'll repeat again, doesn't Google penalize duplicate content. How do you reconcile that with what you are saying they want for their product feed?
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Re: Only highest priced variation is being selected from feed?

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if woocommerce is handling any part of the issue -- such as the feed itself
or the website landing-page that the feed data is based on, the best likely
course would be to contact woocommerce-support directly.

the variant rules and policies with respect to
product-listing-ads (google-shopping) have
been in place for quite some time.

there are two aspects of duplicate content --

one relates to  product-listing-ads (merchant-center) polices,

recommendations, and rules for participation in that specific

program and covers both the website landing-page and the

feed and the other relates to google-organic-search.

as to to product-listing-ads (google-shopping) and duplicate content --

with respect to the feed -- a variant product *cannot* be submitted more than
once, unless item_group_id and variant attributes are also properly submitted;
using proper identical item_group_id with unique variant attributes is the only
method allowed in a feed to submit multiple variants; otherwise, only one of
the variants (e.g. only one of the sizes) may be submitted in the feed.

with respect to the landing-page -- a variation selected from a drop-down menu
should be ok -- however, with respect to product-listing-ads (google-shopping)
a variation should also be preselected (e.g. via a url parameter) to display
the one exact price and exact variant details of the exact preselected item
(e.g. an exact size, color, material, or pattern, with its corresponding price).

some of the details related to how to submit variations in a feed --
item_group_id and variant attributes such as size -- with examples
for submitting only one of the variants or multiple variants using
item_group_id, are currently here:

landing-page rules and related policy details are currently here:


a merchant-center support specialist may also be contacted.

as to to google-organic-search and duplicate content --

generally, if the landing-page shows a specific variant item with a specific
price, title, and description that includes specific variant (size) details; or,
one landing-page with a drop-down-menu that allows for pre-selecting
an exact variant and only shows that specific size and price, there should
be little or no issue with duplicate content.


the best compromise between the merchant-center rules and organic-search,

with respect to duplicate content and variants, is likely a single landing-page

with a drop-down menu and a link url value to preselect a specific variant; e.g.


however, this forum is mainly about product-listing-ads, the merchant-center,
and google-shopping; google organic search questions may be asked within
the webmaster help forums:!forum/webmasters