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One product with different sizes and prices.

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Good day, Everyone!!


I am running a shopping campaign for Rugs category. 

* Firstly: Every single rug available in different sizes and have different prices accordingly. 

* Secondly, For every single rug available in different sizes, have same product image on the website.

* I don't have mpn so using "identifier exists" attributes.


Here my question is:


** Can I add the same "link" and "image_link" for every single rug variants?

** What is the best way to show rugs dimensions? do i use attributes such as "length", "width", or "height"? or mention those on "Title" .




Ankit Kapoor








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Re: One product with different sizes and prices.

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(1a) yes for image_link -- but only if size differs;
(1b) no for link -- google recommends the link pre-select the variant;

a separate unique link value is required if the variants differ by price.

if there are other variations such as color, pattern, or material
then, image_link must match the color, pattern, or material of
the exact item being sold and the other variant attributes must

be submitted separately.


if an item contains multiple colors the three most dominate colors

must be listed in order of dominance, separated by a slash, using

standard color names; e.g.



generally, for items other than apparel, if the link cannot preselect

the variant then the same link value may be submitted if the variant

selection is straightforward and there is no price difference.


(2) size and item_group_id

currently, there are no such attributes as length, width, or height.


variants -- items that differ by size, color, pattern, or material --
either must be submitted per all google's variant rules and policies
or only the default variant on the link landing-page may be submitted
or such variant items cannot be submitted, at all, without risking a
disapproval or suspension from the program at any time.


see also


Re: One product with different sizes and prices.

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Awesome, thanks!!