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One feed - multiple countries

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Can I submit one single feed in Merchant Center for multiple countries?
I have a feed targeting US, but I want to expand it to Canada too. Can find an option to edit Target Country:

Does this option exists? If not, what should I do to run one same shopping campaign in US and Canada?


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Re: One feed - multiple countries

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the short answer is no.

the same feed cannot be registered or used for more than one target-country.

the website landing-page, e-commerce transactions, and
(feed) data submitted must all conform to google's policies,
rules, and requirements of each specific target-country --

anyone from around the world may search for any
items in any of google's target-country domains --
there is nothing required and nothing that needs
to be done for that to happen.

google-merchant-center does not support all countries;
supported target-countries are currently here --

the same feed (data) cannot be used for more than one target-county --
that is not allowed and will typically result in all items being unlisted,
removed, rejected, the site disapproved, or account suspended.

a new feed must be registered for each target country.

however, simply registering and creating a separate feed is not enough.

the same link landing-page usually cannot be used for more than one country --
landing-page language, price, and currency, must reflect the target-country.

when registering the data-feed file for a specific target-country --
the pull-down list of countries (and the one you select) determines:
(1) which target-country rules and policies you must follow
on your site, in your feed, for e-commerce transactions, and
with respect to the type of physical inventory items allowed;
and (2) which google (shopping) target-country
domain your submitted feed items may be listed.

generally, there are price, id, shipping, tax, delivery, customs, currency,
language, product category, payment, and product-listing-ad, requirements
per target-country -- on the website, in the feed, and for e-commerce.

for example, id value must be unique per inventory item, per target-country;
a best-practice for the id value is to use a mix of letters and numbers; e.g.

for example, items must be sold at fixed prices; the price on the landing-page
must match the price submitted to google within the product-data, at all times.

to target one shopping-campaign for the u.s. and another campaign for canada,
typically, the website and e-commerce must first be changed to accommodate
the rules, policies, and guidelines of a target-country; then, (using the updated
website information), a different feed is created and changed to accommodate
all rules and requirements of the selected (registered) target-country.

also importantly, the registered target-country landing-page must be universal;
for example, if the target-country's required currency is euros, then the price
in euros (on the website's link landing-page) must show exactly the same --
regardless of where the user might be physically located.

a separate shopping-campaign per target-country is usually also required

if separate country targeting is wanted with respect to product-listing-ads.

see also