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Odd Results Google Shopping

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I have an Etsy shop and am trying to get my head around some very odd Google Shopping Results. Over the years I have been online I periodically entered my shop name (festivehomedecor) in the Google Shopping search bar to verify my listings were showing. All was good up until this my listings ONLY appear when I search with my shop name spelled incorrectly. When I enter festivehomedecor into the search bar none of my listings show (though I know I am being indexed by Etsy). However, when I drop the final R and spell my shop name incorrectly as "festivehomedeco" then all my shop listings appear. Two other shops are reporting the same results. What in the world could be possibly causing this?



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Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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results in the auctions are based on the bid and quality factors.

results in the auctions can also be personalized based on
search-history and other related relevancy (quality) factors.

if there are no positive actions for certain search-terms then,
those items may be dropped from the ad auctions at any time.

searching for did-you-mean terms, anonymously, or in other
ways, that remove the personalization influences will typically
reset those relevancy factors to an extent.

also, be certain that the same similar items are not being
submitted via multiple sites -- such as a marketplace and
a private website -- which may cause self-competition in
the auctions.

generally, never search for your own items or the same items
over and over again to determine results in the ad auctions;
rather, use the statistical, impression, and click measurements

that are being reported within the account to determine if items

are winning slots in the auctions and can therefore be seen --

results seen by some are not necessarily what all others are seeing.


as an aside, if a third-party is submitting the items, be certain that

the third-party is properly setting all the sub-account details and all

attributes and values are being submitted properly -- to elliminate

any technical issues.


Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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Thank you for the info. But still trying to figure out why Google would display my listings with my shop name spelled incorrectly but not when it is spelled correctly.

Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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first, you're welcome.

google may display specific listings, using a shop-name
spelled incorrectly but, not when it is spelled correctly,
likely because the correctly-spelled store's items have
been dropped from the auctions based on a lack of clicks
or similar historic user-behavior -- while the misspelled

store-name was automatically "corrected" by google

before being entered into an entirely new auction.

google-shopping is a highly competitive advertising auction;
google-shopping does not guarantee specific results for a
specific search-term (keyword) -- even a store-name.

if the store-name is listed in the left-hand-side
seller options then, checking that specific option
may force that store's items to show.


using quotation-marks around the search-term (store-name) may

also limit the historic user-behavior, auto-corrective, and similar

factors within the ad auctions.


however, these techniques can only limit such such user-behavior factors --

other similar factors cannot be eliminated in the google-shopping ad auctions;

results seen by one person will not necessarily be seen by others.


for example --,mr:1,seller:107578538&tbm=shop

otherwise, store-names as search-terms can no longer
be used to verify any results under google-shopping.

otherwise, there should be a send-feedback link
near the bottom of most search-results within
google-shopping to send feedback directly to google.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact
etsy-support directly to help verify all data is being
sent properly and for any clarification or guidance.

see also

Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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Thank you! So it seems so random and odd. And maybe that's the way it is. I took 60 shop names and entered them in the search bar. 57 showed all the listings and three shops including mine only show when not spelled correctly. Sent from my iPhone

Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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first, you're welcome again.


google's relevancy algorithms are attempting to assign

(product) relevancy based on the bid and quality factors --

quality is based on the data submitted, search-terms, and

other auction-time factors, such as user-behavior over time.

selecting the seller-name if available under the
seller option and using-quotation-marks can
help limit such user-behavior auction factors;

however, this cannot eliminate all other auction factors --
so even these results cannot be guaranteed over time.

generally, the best way to verify items can be seen, is
by looking directly at the statistics supplied by google --

not via any searches.

the following references explain the underlying issue in a bit more detail;
two differences are that product-listing-ads do not use keywords
but rather, use the title, description, and other attributes that are
typically submitted (derived) from data on the item landing-page

and product-listing-ads tend to have a lot more advertising slots.

Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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Thank you. I suppose my biggest problem is that since Etsy is the merchant account I am completely helpless and feel like without getting support from them or further information, or even confirmation that there are no errors in my feed, it is completely out of my control and I don't like that!! Smiley Happy

Re: Odd Results Google Shopping

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just a minor technical note --

even if there were total control of the data-feed,
google's relevancy algorithms would behave
no differently -- the results would still be based
on the bid and quality -- and store-names could
not be used as a guaranteed method to verify
that items exist in the google-shopping auctions.

quoting the store-name and checking the
seller-name would still help in this regard.

google-shopping has long since retired being a
plain-vanilla search venue -- and is now entirely
an advertising auction; all results are now tied
to how that advertising-auction functions and
should be evaluated from that perspective.