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Not showing up this WHOLE TIME!! Could it be the TITLE ID?

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Hi experts 


So I have been using google sheets to upload my products after the content api app on shopify stopped (they stopped after 10k products). 

I uploaded the sheets and it says it got verified (File pre-processing:Completed - 1193 valid / 1193 processed) added snapshot Sampleverifeid.PNG


And this whole time (like 2 months) I thought all the items were valid and on google shopping (i use facebook ads so didn't really check the google as much)


But doing some more google now I was checking and saw only one item per sheet was being on google shopping. And I believe it might be due to ITEM ID since they were duplicates on the google sheets.  Is that the reason why only one got on the shopping (while still being approved on the fetch/sheet list?)


If that's the case, I know I can easily fix this with a EXCEL formula to have each title id being different.


If that's not the case, what could it be? Since there was no warning or errors.


BTW.. I was checking this via the actual google shopping network in = shopping and see the one item was there and others weren't. As well as the google merchant center / Products/ List / and filter via title or item id.. 

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Not showing up this WHOLE TIME!! Could it be the TITLE ID?

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You can only submit 1 unique product per business. I recommend you remove all duplicates.

You can not submit 1 physical item more than once, doing so is a violation as per abuse policy.


Also check Google Merchant Center > Diagnostics and resolve all listed issues here

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