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Not on shopping

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No item is appearing in shopping- all items are approved  dont know what i missed?

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Re: Not on shopping

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google may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so

before valid items are entered into the auctions.


how is "No item is appearing" being verified exactly?


not seeing your own ads does not mean the ads aren't appearing to others.

live ad results are dynamic based on individual user preferences

and behavior and a merchant's bids and overall (data) quality for a
particular auction -- so ads may be shown differently for each user.

be certain not to use google-shopping or a google-search directly to
verify items; this can cause the items not to show for you over time;
rather, use the adpreview-tool in a browser's incognito/private mode --
also, try using search-terms that have a high-bid and high-quality
with a searchable status under the merchant-center and can be either
verified or seen under the adwords-account (depending on the campain).

also, check the statistics under adwords, analytics, and merchant-center.

many of the issues that can cause no impressions are account specific
and only a person at google can look into the data (feed) and account.

otherwise, posting more specifics about the feed and accounts here
in the public forum may allow us to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, below is a potential checklist to consider --
(1) what is the status of the feed within the merchant-center-account?
(2) how many items were submitted and how many items were inserted?
(3) have there been any changes to the feed or website?
(4) does the feed or website need updating with respect to current policies?
(5) do all items submitted in the (feed) have high-quality data?
(6) do all items have proper (manufactured-supplied) global-trade-data?
(7) do items without global-trade-data have an identifier_exists FALSE value?
(8) do all images and all data conform to all current policies?
(9) do all variants have a proper item_group_id and variant attribute?
(10) do any items have or use the expiration_date attribute?
(11) do items use plain text; no html, special characters, or mixed encoding?
(12) do any product_type values contain stray spaces or propriety symbols?
(13) exactly what messages are under the merchant-center quality-tab?
(14) what is the exact status of all items under the products-tab?
(15) do any items have a review status under the products-tab?
(16) do all items have a unique id across all feeds and all target-countries?
(17) are there any (suspension) messages under the merchant-center-account?
(18) has 72-hours elapsed since the last feed re-upload?
(19) does the website and landing-page conform to all current policies
(20) are any items in the feed, on the website, or physically out-of-stock?
(21) have the items been submitted from any other website or feed?
(22) do the webserver's logs show googlebot and googlebot-image crawls?
(23) are the adwords and merchant-center accounts properly linked?
(24) do any items have any impressions and then suddenly stopped?
(25) in adwords, is any campaign structure preventing items from competing?
(26) in adwords, has the campaign been paused, rescheduled, or budget exhausted?
(27) in adwords, are any inventory/campaign filters enabled?
(27) in adwords, have any negative-keywords been added?
(28) in adwords, for a regular-pla campaign, can items be verified?
(29) in adwords, for a shopping-campaign, can all items be seen?
(30) in adwords, for any new campaigns, have competing campaigns been paused?
(31) in adwords, are there any under-review messages seen?
(32) in adwords, is there a competitive bid for each item?
(33) in adwords, is a maximum cost-per-click different for competing text-ads?
(34) in adwords, has any bid been recently adjusted?
(35) in awords, is auto-tagging enabled and can the site handle auto-tagging?
(36) has the adpreview-tool been tried in a browser's incognito/private mode?
(37) what is the exact search-term used to verify items using the previewtool?