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No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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Hi Guys,


Would really appreciate some pointers here.


I set up my account on GMC and Adwords about two weeks ago and everything fed in ok around Saturday (first feed had some issues).


However, I am not able to get impressions for my product ads. I have 14 products and I get maybe 5-10 impressions a day for one or two of them. 


I have tried speaking to Google Support but they keep telling me to wait and the last, most recent mail from them was really basic and didnt seem to help much at all (they told me to use the "maximise-clicks" option, but that has been setup from the beginning). I am losing hope with them as its been a week and I feel like they dont have a clue. 


My products are very common and I know from adwords they get many clicks, example title


3 Seater Floral Sofa, Carved Rosewood Red Leather




I am currently running a few different campaigns to test some things, and I have two adwords accounts running Google Shopping Ads from the same GMC. I dont think this is the issue as I have turned one-ff (unlinked) for over a day and the issue persists. 


I am getting a few impressions here and there so I dont think two accounts/campaigns is the problem.


Feed seems ok in GMC, there are few warnings on the Brand and MPN fields being blank, but I have made identifier_exists=false and all items show up fine in GMC, and as mentioned I am getting a few impressions.


CPC is auto (£1.50) for one campaign and £2.00 for the other which I think is quite high. 


Not sure if there are website issues, it is not the best site in the world, and a little slow perhaps on mobiles (maybe I can turn mobile ads off) but wouldnt expect that to have such an impact.


Dont have Locations setting on right now, before it was London only, still a large area/population.


I am running out of ideas, I can only imagine Google is not ranking my campaign very high perhaps due to website issues but the problem is that there are no tools to diagnose this and Google Support doesnt seem to be able to help. If I knew where the issue was I could work on that aspect if there was transparency.




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No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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Bid higher to find out if that is the problem. It is the easiest to achieve and obviously you can drop your bids again at will.


No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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First of, never have two accounts setup for 1 Shopping business. That is grounds for suspension and a serious advertising violation. I recommend you never do this again and only use 1 account to do your advertising in.


Make sure you have not limited your campaigns, as in ad scheduling, negative keywords etc... 


Make sure that you are bidding high enough. Sofa's are big ticket items and so are the bids. Your competitors might be bidding higher than you are, resulting you in not getting many clicks at all. Also consider that 14 products is not allot when it comes to competitive niche's. And if you can try to submit all variants and products in the data feed.


For the rest I recommend reading up on articles easily found on Google to find out other things you can do.


Hope it helps.

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No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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You have to be real careful of google Account violations such as having multiple accounts for 1 business. Merge you Ad words/Analytics/Merchant center primary accounts and delete the extra to avoid this becoming a problem down the road. Then i'd look into your bid settings on the google shopping posts via merchant center and your ad words shopping campaign as these ads are highly competitive so having your bid set to low will severely limit your exposure. \


Here is a general article on google shopping ads:


And here is some info on improving and optimizing these ads:


hope that helped,


Collin H.

No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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 I have one merchant account and have linked it to two adwords accounts. I dont see that should be a problem as the Merchant Centre gives me the option to link multiple adwords accounts. I think you might be referring to a situation where one business has two merchant accounts. Either way, I have unlinked one adwords account from the merchant centre so that should not be a problem.


Bid is already set to £2.00 which I think is sufficiently high. Cant imagine higher bids being profitable given most sofas on Google Shopping ads are under £1,000 even down to £300. 


I can try going higher and see what happens. 

No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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My latest campaign has around 20 impressions a day but a Search Impression Share of 100%. Bid is at £2.50. 


Anyone have any ideas about this, I mean the 100% Impression Share seems to be a clue but I am not sure if it means I need to change my Titles etc?

100% Impressions Share But Very Few Impressions

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I have a campaign with only 70 or so impressions in quite a few days. Had the same problem with other campaigns I tried from over a week ago.


I dont understand why I have only 70 impressions with the below stats

100% Impressions Share

0% Lost IS (Rank)

0% Lost IS (Budget)


My items are very mainstream and from adwords keywords I know there are many searches done


Example titles


Leaf Handmade 3 Seater Sofa

Classic 3 Seater Sofa Handmade Red Velvet


I have set my max CPC really high at 3.50 (this shouldnt be the issue anyway as I have 0% Lost IS Budget)


Also, most (if not all) of my ads have gone to mobile, not sure what is going on here.


I had posted this on another thread but starting a new one now with the stats information.


I have been working over a week on this an still only a miserable 10 or impressions a day

No/Very Few Impressions on Google Shopping Ads

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Please do not start one thread and then start another thread covering the same topic. This causes much confusion and wastes the time of those professionals that have taken the time to answer your help inquiry.





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