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No Sales from Google Shopping?

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In the first week of starting we had a few transactions (5 in the first week), since then for nearly two months we have had no sales. We are doing everything by the rules, we have all of the feeds set up for over 400+ products, no errors, the feeds are fully optimized (we are selling military watches, military backpacks for men). We've had different promos, all products have the proper extensions on the end of them "Product ID - Military Watches", "Product ID - Military Backpacks", etc. Are we doing something wrong? How can we get clicks every day (and I track the search terms and we're getting the right types of keywords searched, and yet no sales at all? I feel like we're throwing away money on Google Shopping.. is anyone else having the same issue? We're getting between 2% - 3% CTR and max out at around 8 clicks per day on a 10 dollar a day budget. 


This month:


military watches - 28 clicks

military watches for sale - 7 clicks

aviation watches - 4 clicks

military watches for men - 3 clicks


and it goes on and on with targeted keywords.. and yet no sales.


Any help/advice would be appreciated.






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Re: No Sales from Google Shopping?

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Hi Joseph
This is the age old question of conversion optimization.

Before I get into it however, it's important to note that less than 50 clicks to your website is nowhere near enough to decide that a channel/traffic source is not working. Conversion rates are percentage based so you'll need at least 100 clicks to have a conversion rate that's actually valid. Even with 100 clicks, that's still probably way too few to be drawing any conclusions.

Next up, Google Shopping and AdWords does not guarantee or even promise sales. It's up to you to convert the clicks to sales.

Finally, it's not really possible to diagnose the problem without knowing your website. It sounds like you have set everything up correctly but when users visit your site, they don't buy (again, let's assume you have a lot more than 50 clicks). You need to look at your site and how users behave on your site. What's happening on your site that's causing visitors to not buy. Is it the price? Is it that 99% of your visitors are visiting on mobile devices and can't see your content or cannot check out? Is it that people are searching for something completely different and you're not showing them what they expect to see? Is it that people arrive ready to buy but don't check out because they, for some reason, don't trust you enough to hand over their credit card information? There could, quite literally, be 1 million different reasons why they don't convert. This is what the majority of our work consists of.

I'd suggest that you start from the beginning and learn as much as you can about conversion optimization. It's a MASSIVE topic and even a little knowledge can be extremely helpful. Have a read of this first:

Then do a search in the forum for "improve conversion rate". Then do a google search and spend as many days/weeks/months/years (or in my case, decades) learning all there is to know about conversion optimization.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him/her drink.
Hope that's started you in the right direction.

Re: No Sales from Google Shopping?

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely look into it more..not happy with spending money and not seeing anything come from it. For the record we have an in-house SEO and we're ranked on the 1st page of Google for several keywords in the States. Our product is a top 5 seller on eBay worldwide, but this is a new retail site we started for it to help sell more of the product (

We average 2% conversion per 100 visitors, we get sales from direct, organic, facebook promos to our audience, and from funneling them over from a site that gets 5000+ visits a month (

I agree that its not many visits, but previously we had a higher budget and around 10-20 clicks a day average, and we still received nothing. I guess I'm dumbfounded because all of our other marketing channels lead to sales, yet Google Shopping/AdWords have both given us practically nothing despite being greatly optimized by our SEO.

Re: No Sales from Google Shopping?

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Hi @joseph l


The first thing always to do in these cases is check your Google Merchant Center Dashboard.


Ensure there are no problems being reported, this includes recommended issues, these can all affect performance. 


I will try to tackle your points below one at a time.


Your first week you may see sales are your items are new and therefore are still finding their place in terms of results, this can obviously change daily, in fact, every time a search is carried out that matches your items, your Quality Score will be calculated, hence your positioning can change. 


When an auction is carried out of your items in terms of Google Shopping, it is not only the data relevancy found within your feed, but the landing page, daily budget, maximum CPC etc that is placed against fellow listings.


So although you believe your feed is optimized, the bids your competitors are offering or the landing page, may have more relevance to the users search than your own.


Without seeing your feed, website and account, it is hard to say if their can be improvement in these areas, however, it would be something to look at.


When you write, Product ID - Military Backpacks for instance, the inclusion of possible search terms definitely have their place, however, more importance should be aimed towards including globally identifiable values, GTIN, Brand etc..


If you are receiving impressions but not clicks, then it may simply be your listing is further down that others or that your ad is not relevant. You could try applying negative keywords, so you achieve a more relevant audience. 


It would be easy for me to say raise your CPC and budget, however, I understand the feeling of sinking more money into something that is showing very little in the way of ROI would be off putting. 

Daily budget can reduce your items visibility, simple due to delivery method and ensuring your item can be showing throughout the day for instance, it could be your ads are simply not getting the exposure they need. 





Re: No Sales from Google Shopping?

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in terms of performance in the auctions, be certain that the same similar
physical inventory items are not being listed from multiple venues --
such as a private website and a marketplace; this can necessarily create a
possibility for self-competition and reduced performance in the auctions.

in terms of sales, there does not seem to be a direct phone-number
or physical-address listed on the contact pages; this can potentially
effect a level of trust, especially with respect to repeat orders -- and
can trigger a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

also, the titles on the landing-pages do not seem to name the physical item;
if the landing-page is a source of data for submitted inventory (feed) details,
and in terms of sales, consider improving the landing-page.

also, some products seem to come in different colors -- be certain that
either only the default color on the landing-page is submitted or that
proper item_group_id and color attributes are submitted; otherwise, this
can cause items not to be listed properly, perform poorly in the auctions
over time, and is a potential trigger for disapprovals.

importantly, as has been indicated, watches require at least two
valid and accurate global-trade-data values, from the manufacturer,
and should be identical for all merchants selling the item.

see also