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No GTIN for products we manufacture. Are we safe?

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Please excuse the paranoia as this is probably a really simple question, we have had great success with google shopping and I just want to make sure that when May 16th rolls around we won't have any surprises.  


We manufacture our products and don't use UPC's, I looked into it and it would be quite expensive to obtain them for all the possible product variants that we produce so that option is a last resort. I configured our feed to reflect that we are the manufacture and don't have any GTIN per the standards of the feed specification.


According to this announcement if there are any issues they should be showing up in the diagnostics tab. When I go to the diagnostics tab the only error that is affecting our products is the "Missing microdata for condition"  which doesn't pertain to the GTIN.


Is there any other way to validate that we will be okay once May 16th comes?


Thanks for the read!


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Re: No GTIN for products we manufacture. Are we safe?

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simply be certain that identifier_exists is set to FALSE
and brand, mpn, and gtin, are not submitted, at all, for
items without any valid global-trade-data.

google does not require the purchase of any global-trade-data;
google does not require any global-trade-data to be submitted
if none currently exist.

google simply requires valid global-trade-data to be
submitted if valid global-trade-data currently exists.

the may 16th date does not change current requirements in any fundamental way --
the may 16th date is mainly about more strict enforcement of current policies.

as an aside, missing-microdata-for-condition is grounds for a disapproval --
be certain that either (a) the microdata on the site is accurate for the item's
physical inventory and meets all google-shopping policies for microdata --
or (b) the optional automatic-item-updates feature is disabled in the account.

of course, for both these issues, google is the final arbiter of all policies --
forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or account histories;
but, a merchant-center support-specialist at google may be contacted directly.

see also

Re: No GTIN for products we manufacture. Are we safe?

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Thank you for the response Celebird, this was what I was looking for!I will be sure to contact a merchant-center support-specialist.