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No Data To Display?

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I created a new feed in Google Sheets, My Diagnostics feeds says "! no data to display" 

Plus it has all of the errors below for only 5 total items. This is impossible as I meticulously went

through each parameter making sure everything was correct to the letter meeting Google's requirements.
. I'm feeling really frustrated right now. Please help!!


I also don't see how the PLA section would control or impact this feed even though it is linked.





Item Errors
43 errors.
Internal error (14, 51)5 errors.
Missing required attribute: link5 errors.
Missing required attribute: condition5 errors.
Missing required attribute: price5 errors.
Missing required attribute: availability5 errors.
Missing required attribute: id5 errors.
Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three attributes [GTIN, brand, mpn]5 errors.
Too few subattributes for attribute: shipping4 errors.
Too few subattributes for attribute: tax4 errors.
Item Warnings
20 warnings.
Missing recommended attribute: google product category5 warnings.
Missing recommended attribute: image link5 warnings.
Missing recommended attribute: description5 warnings.
Missing recommended attribute: product type5 warnings.
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Re: No Data To Display?

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first, simply try waiting a few minutes, logging out of google altogether,
closing all browser-windows, and re-fetching the sheet (via fetch-now) --
sometimes the sheet simply cannot be accessed properly.

after a re-upload and (a successful) re-processing of the feed,
the diagnostics-tab may take a few hours or days to update --
always check the feeds-tab and the products-tab first.

otherwise, below is a quick checklist --

(1) be certain there is only one, single, data-feed
registered with google -- the same feed should
be used for all updates and re-uploads:

(2) be certain there is a unique id value per item.

a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for id; e.g.


normally, id values should never change once assigned to an item.

(3) be certain all example, sample, notes, or ancillary information
is entirely deleted from the sheet -- only a single, first-line, header

containing proper attribute-names and per-item (row) product-data

are allowed.

(4) be certain the registered feed seen under the feed's tab
has 'standard' under the mode column; a test-feed will never
show any data -- and a test-feed's items will never be seen
under the linked account's shopping-campaign.


although, using a test-feed, first, to test the sheet

for any on-sheet errors or issues, is a good thing.

otherwise, below is what a sheet with those attributes might look like:

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or account --
we would typically need a lot more specific information posted
here in the public-forum for us to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, a merchant-center, product-listing-ads
support specialist may be contacted directly.

Re: No Data To Display?

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Thanks so much Celebird! You Rock!

I think I remember you from Prestashop forums! Smiley Very Happy However, I still do have two errors left in the diagnostics. Its related to tax and shipping. I have it filled out like this:

tax shipping
n 5.95
n 5.95
n 0:00

But I'm still getting this error:

Item Errors
8 errors.
Too few subattributes for attribute: shipping
4 errors.
Please make sure the attribute includes the correct number of subattributes. All colons between subattributes, even for blank values, are required.
Too few subattributes for attribute: tax
4 errors.
Please make sure the attribute includes the correct number of subattributes. All colons between subattributes, even for blank values, are required.

I feel like I followed this to the letter too...what does this mean, Can you help?

Thanks again Celebird

Re: No Data To Display?

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the kind words.

by default, shipping and tax values require three (3) colons --

by default, all three (3) colons must always be included; e.g.


US::Overestimate:89.95 USD

if there is zero shipping-cost for an item then, that must be stated explicitly:

US:::0.00 USD

the example sheet already shows valid, sample, values
for both shipping (column p) and tax (column s) --

note that a default shipping and tax value may be set within the account --
if a default is set in the account and all the values are identical
for all items then, the (shipping or tax) column may be deleted.

shipping or tax set within the feed, for an item,
will override the account's settings, for that item.

as an aside, there is new, alternative, syntax for shipping --
but requires modification to the shipping attribute (column).

otherwise, a support-specialist may be contacted directly to help with the feed.

see also


Re: No Data To Display?

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Hi Celebird,

These fixes did allow my feed to be uploaded however of the 4 products accepted 3 were disapproved which makes no sense because our competitor who is selling the exact same product has been running his product for probably a year. It's extremely upsetting because Google says they can't manually override it! So, a stupid computer is running the show!!?!*@! The 4th product although fully approved and accepted doesn't actually show up when you type in the name of the product although everything has been input correctly!!! Aaarghhhh!?!!!!!! Smiley Sad((

Re: No Data To Display?

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disapproval issues can relate to any of the data being submitted,
product images, the type of item, account settings, feed settings,
target-country, website details, checkout-flow, item supply-chain,
or some combination of these -- one, single, disapproval can be
for multiple issues.

there is no such status as approved -- items must have
a searchable status and enough quality and bid to win
a slot in the auctions, to be seen.

first, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged issues or notifications.

also, be certain the item is matching a product-group within
an active campaign and is being assigned a (competitive) bid.

not seeing an item during a search, even if the exact item name
is used, does not necessarily mean the item cannot be seen by
others -- always check the statistics within the linked account to
verify auction results.

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on information posted here in the forum.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact
or re-contact google directly and ask for a merchant
center, product-listing-ad, support-specialist --

however, if a person at google (still) indicates that the
automated disapproval is deemed to be appropriate,
or cannot be overridden, or the decision is final then,
typically, nothing can be done.

seeing a competitor within the listings may mean they are
following all the rules or they have simply not been caught --
potential policiy violations may be reported to google.