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No Clicks on Shopping Campaign

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We have been successfully running search campaigns which were getting good amount of clicks daily.


Recently (about a week ago) we switched to shopping campaigns and we got only 15 impressions total.


We have more than 20 products in our data feed (and data feed is error free also).


We also used highly optimized titles and descriptions to target some select keywords.


Please, I need your help to figure out what can be the problem here.


Thank you.

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Re: No Clicks on Shopping Campaign

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first, there seems to have been a drastic improvement
to the website -- that would be a huge plus to mention
in terms of quality and potential overall performance.

in terms of shopping-campaigns, depending on the type
of item, product-listing-ads can be rather competitive --
google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, auction.

the results depend on the bid and quality.

in terms of quality --

- be certain that all account-settings are accurate and high quality;
for example, be certain the business (brand) name is accurate and meets all
google's rules and policies; for example, check shipping and tax settings, etc.

- be certain all items have a searchable status;

- be certain that all items are submitted with only data
that relates directly to the physical item or how the
physical item might be used and matches the website;
for example, promotional text such as information about
the store is not allowed and will lower quality.

- be certain the submitted data is accurate, valid, and not keyword-stuffed --
details about the physical item should be in plain text or should use standard

(english) sentences, and conform to all google's rules for the specific attribute.

- check all attributes and values submitted
(not just title and description), against the
physical item and google's rules, policies,
specifications, and guidelines -- not all
issues are reported during processing.

- check the image quality of all images submitted
against google's guidelines and recommendations.

- be certain all data submitted matches the website.

- be certain the items do not expire -- re-submit the feed at least
a week before the feed is set to expire -- or, immediately after
any change to the website or physical in-stock inventory.

- be certain google can crawl the site and no issues are reported.

- consider the merchant-promotions program and accumulating
ratings and reviews -- both these may contribute to quality.

in terms of bid strategies --

- verify all items in the feed are matching a product-group;

- verify a (competitive) bid is being assigned;

- verify the budget assigned can meet the bids set;

- verify there are no campaign settings that might effect performance --
e.g. time-related or location-related settings (bid-modifiers, dayparting).

- be certain to check which search-terms are triggering ads --
consider changing the website and feed or adding negative
words to the campaign, based on that data.

- consider a different bid strategy based on highly tuned product-groups --
for example, high-margin items, best-sellers, or different product_types.

- try using google's various campaign-level monitoring and
optimization tools -- to possibly uncover specific quality or
bid-strategy related issues or optimizations.

also, other than budget, there is little reason
not to run both shopping and search campaigns.

however, forum-members cannot look into the feed or account details --
posting more exact details may help us offer more specific suggetsions.

otherwise, a shopping-campaign, product-listing-ads, support specialist
may be contacted directly to request more account-specific guidance.

see also