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Hello to all. Hope all is well. I am new to Google. I got my adwords account and google merchant account linked this week. I submitted a product feed on 4.21.2016. How long does it take for products to show in google shopping.  My ad is paused because I do not see any products in my google merchant account.  Do I need to have my ad running so that the products will be visible to shoppers? 

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Re: New to Google Community

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Hi Clay,

It can take several days for a new feed to be approved. This can also partly depend on the number of products you have in the feed.

If you'd like to see the status of your feed, you should be able to see it in the Dashboard once you log into the Merchant Center.

If there are any issues with the feed, you should be able to see the problems in the Diagnostics section.

In terms of the products showing up in Shopping, you don't need to have Product Listing Ads (your campaigns in AdWords) running. AdWords simply pulls the information from the Shopping Feed if you choose to promote your products through the Product Listing Ads.

Also, if you haven't had the chance yet to delve more deeply into Product Listing Ads, here is a good resource: These ads are very different from Search or Display, and there can be a bit of a learning curve. Investing some time in going through this material can be very helpful down the line.

Hope this is helpful.


Re: New to Google Community

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I submitted my feed on 4/21/2016. I see in my merchant center dashboard that the feed under status reads: 0/0 successful. I only submitted 30 products. I have the feed scheduled to upload at 5pm daily. Now I looked at the diagnostics and there is an error which is: < Feed file is in a format that we don't support: . Please make sure you upload your feeds in one of our documented formats. > < A fully qualified file URLis needed to access your file. For example If the file is protected with username and password, please define them below. [ what file should i use for the data feed?]
How do I fix this? I am using 3Dcart for my shopping cart. I tried to get assistance from Google via phone yesterday but I was not directed in the right direction in regards to getting a file url.

Re: New to Google Community

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If the feed says 0/0 that means you have not correctly set things up. Ether the file is incorrect or the method.

Convert your file to a Google Spreadsheet and use that. As you are going to set it up manually you might as well do it in Google Spreadsheet.

You can also download a template to see how it should be setup.

Hope it helps.
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Re: New to Google Community

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I got with shopping cart provider again yesterday after posting this issue
within the community. After speaking to a 2nd person about what to do, I
think I may have the file correct but I will not know until Monday or
sooner. I had to generate a feed from within shopping cart, then copy and
paste that url and put it the file url field then the file was converted
into a csv file with the merchant center.

I also have a scheduled export from with the shopping cart so that the
products can be uploaded via SFTP/FTP.
Do I need to have the scheduled feed for merchant center and the shopping
cart? I have them both setup for 3am daily.

Re: New to Google Community

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if 3dcart is being used then, the best likely course
is to work directly with 3dcart support and forums.

generally, never use both sftp and a scheduled-fetch --
use either sftp to upload a file to google or scheduled
fetch for google to fetch the file, but not both.

if an sftp-upload is used, the related options must
be set both within the shopping-cart software and
within the google-merchant-center-account -- and
disable scheduled-fetch in the merchant-center.


note: be careful when setting an ftp username;

an ftp username cannot be changed once set --

using sftp is strongly recommended.

typically, the shopping-cart-software has a schedule
of their own, to upload to google via sftp; check with
the shopping-cart support group for details.

if possible, be certain that the options within
the shopping-cart software are set to support
google-shopping with a tab-delimited feed -- not csv.

see also


Re: New to Google Community

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Wow. Truly amazing how you nailed it right on the head what the problem. I talked to a total of 3 people with 3dcart, last person being today and he told me what the problem is which is I need to customize my feed. I should not have had to talk to that many people to get the answers I wanted. The file was being uploaded as a csv file and not tab-delimited. So that has been changed. So you are saying not to setup a datafeed at all within the google merchant center and just let 3dcart submit the feed?

Re: New to Google Community

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I got the understanding on this issue a little more. I am little confused about this: [ When creating your data feed, remember to save your file in one of the supported filetypes with the appropriate filename extension:
If you are scheduling your data feed, please ensure that the feed URL directly points to your feed file. If it points to your website instead, your item information will be fetched in a HTML format which will result in a feed failure. The URL must begin with either http://, https://, ftp://, or sftp://. If your file requires a username and password to access, please enter the appropriate login information to allow Google to access your file. ] If I am letting 3dcart submit feed via a scheduled fetch, do I need a file url in the merchant center? Your last message stated not to schedule a feed in the merchant center.

Re: New to Google Community

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Supported file formats are CSV, XML, TXT and in some cases even Excel.

Your second question, no. If your going by the tutorial celebird gave you than this is not required. However you do need to upload this file every time you change the price and availability and or any other critical product information.

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Re: New to Google Community

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3dcart seems similar to many shopping-cart systems --
however, the best likely course is to contact 3dcart
support, again, to clarify any issues.

(1) on the shopping-cart-system (3dcart) account:
configure the ftp-username, ftp-password, and a
(feed) file name.

(2) on the google-merchant-center account:
configure the ftp-username, ftp-password, and
register the feed (file name).

for example:

the file-type should be .txt tab-delimited, in this case.

for example, when registering the feed on the merchant-center, select:
- feed: products;
- feed-name: inventory-data-feed.txt;
- regular-uploads;
- name-of-the-file: inventory-data-feed.txt

then, the shopping-cart-account (3dcart) can be configured
to upload that file (inventory-data-feed.txt) to google --

at least monthly, or whenever a critical change occurs

on the site or within your physical on-hand inventory.

on the merchant-center, be certain there is only one feed -- registered once.


be certain the ftp-username, ftp-password, and

the feed file-name, all match exactly, within both

accounts (shopping-cart and merchant-center).

details are currently here:

please note: ignore the section on sftp/ftp for a scheduled-fetch:
"If you are scheduling your data feed, please ..."
should be entirely ignored and has nothing whatever to do with
uploading a feed -- this section of the documentation is for a
special-case -- when scheduling a fetch from google NOT for
an upload to google.


as a pure aside, csv is NOT an officially supported file-type.

see also