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New shopping campaing how to add multiple Item ID's

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This is in regard to custom filter.

Should they be comma separated ? or any other way ?

How to add multiple Item ID in custom filer in new shoppung campaign

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How do i add multiple products in campaign by entering multiple Item ID in custom filter fields.

Should i put them comma separated ? like this -> 53, 22, 43 ??

Re: New shopping campaing how to add multiple Item ID's

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Do you mean in terms of creating product groups?


If so, then you need to click the + found next to all products in your shopping campaign, select ID from the drop down box that will appear in the pop up window, you then select the double arrows to move this across to the right hand window, keep doing this until you are happy you have created your desired group and save.


Alternatively, if you wish to add these in bulk, you can select "or bulk add values manually" found under the first few items being displayed and enter your ID's one on each line, again press save to complete the action.


If you are referring to the products tab found next to that of the product group tab under your shopping campaign, you simply select Product ID (again from a drop down box) enter your ID and then click the "add another" link, to continue until you are happy. You can choose to apply this as a one time filter or alternatively, name the filter and check the box to save the search for future reference.




If it's in reference to the inventory filter found within the shopping settings - You again, add one ID and select the + button to select any further filtering you wish to apply. 


You are limited to 7 attribute filters, once you have set these, you can check the products tab to see the resulting items. 


If it is none of these and you are looking for something else please let me know. 



Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: How to add multiple Item ID in custom filer in new shoppung campai

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Hello SHop N,

No you should have each product ID on single line and then write more under it like this:

Then it should work!