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New product listing

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We're selling a book that has just published however it is not showing as an item in google shopping.

Is there a way to add to the titles that google shopping lists?

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Re: New product listing

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items may simply take 24-72 hours or so to be indexed for the auctions.

google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, advertising auction --
an item shows based on the bid and quality factors; items must have a
high enough bid and enough quality to win a slot in one of the auctions
to be seen.

also, simply searching for the same similar item over and over again,
without any positive action, can cause the item to be removed from
the auctions -- rather, to see if an item is winning in the auctions
look into the shopping-campaign's impression and click statistics.

there is no way to directly add titles to any list.

simply be certain that the item has a searchble status
within the merchant-center and is matching an active
shopping-campaign's product-group with a bid.

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.

Re: New product listing

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The problem is I can not find the item listed on google shopping by anyone.

Re: New product listing

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searching in google-shopping is simply no longer a
reliable way to determine eligibility for the auctions --
without a high enough bid and high enough quality,
an item may never win in the auctions and never show.

does the item have a searchable status under the merchant-center products-tab?
what are the exact attributes and values being submitted for the item?
do the processed attributes show all the same values under the products-tab?
what does the account, feed, and item blue-boxes show under the diagnostics-tab?

does the item show under a product-group in the active shopping-campaign?
is there more than one active shopping-campaign?
has the item been assigned a competitive bid?

are there any impressions or clicks under the campaign?
does the item show when using the preview-and-diagnostics tool?

has a support specialist been contacted?

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the information posted
here within the public forums.

Re: New product listing

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Thanks, how do I contact a support specialist?

Re: New product listing

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first, you're welcome.

a support specialist may be contacted here --

be certain to explain that the issue relates to product-listing-ads.