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New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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I sell handmade jewelry online and my google merchants account has been bizarrely suspended with reason:

New account suspended re: Misrepresentation of self or product


I am not sure why this happened as I didn’t do any misrepresentations (not that I am aware of at least). Can anyone help please? My website is 

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New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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generally, with respect to shopping-ads, google uses a wide
range of signals to help determine trust and transparency,
with respect to the misrepresentation policies and a policy

flag related to misrepresentation is a rather serious violation.

trust and transparency signals may include the business-model, how a business
or products have been represented to the public, the information presented on
the website, the accuracy related to exactly what is being purchased, both on
the website and within all submitted data, supply-chains, especially related to

potentially replica items such as jewelry, handbags, etc., current on-hand, in
stock, physical inventory, delivery-time accuracy, physical inventory offered on
other sites that may also use shopping-ads, return and refund policy details,
especially the exact time-frame in which returns are accepted and exactly when
a user can expect a refund, various product and business reviews and ratings,
exact contact information on the website, including a business/street address
that resolves on google-maps, a business phone-number that will be answered
during normal business-hours, company email that will be answered, etc.


also, handmade, bespoke, items are typically not a good fit

for shopping-ads and have particular rules, requirements, and

policies that must be followed -- especially with respect to in

stock physical inventory, delivery time frames, the website's

landing-pages,and all submitted data; jewelry has additional

requirements related to variants.

if all these signals have been verified or addressed, or the policy-flag

has been mistakenly applied, then simply request a re-review and a

a reinstatement, directly from google.

note that google limits the number of reinstatement requests --
if there are too many reinstatement requests, or the manual

review results in the same similar outcome, then the suspension

may be flagged as permanent by the policy-teams.

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
google is the final arbiter of all policies.


New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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Hi Varun,


In my experience this reason is usually for when Google suspects a site is selling fakes - I see nothing to suggest that on your site. 


I wouldn't worry though, it is almost impossible to profit from Google Shopping ads in fashion niches unless your brand is well-known or you sell something very specific that people search for. Social ads are a better fit.



New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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I just had the same thing happen. It's absolutely rude. I'm not misrepresenting myself either. I guess I'm not "trusted" because I'm not amazon and I don't care to give out my home address as my business location.  


It absolutely seems as if Google doesn't intend for people like you and I to allow people to shop via their services. Artists who sell handmade items or prints are discouraged while big companies have no problems getting their stuff advertised.  There certainly are art prints and jewelry available from Target, Pier 1 Imports, and through but nothing from the artists.


I've now asked Google to clarify their statements to me (which amount to calling me a scammer) twice and haven't received even the first hint of a reply. So, don't hold your breath. As it turns out in my experience, Etsy and Facebook are much better at advertising and support for real people who try to sell art.

New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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As with the OP, you are unlikely to profitably sell handmade art through AdWords, unless you have a huge range.


Google requiring an address isn't a way of favouring big business, it is to protect purchasers. An address provides a sense of trust. 



New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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There *is* an address to the print / canvas manufacturer that prints my work. What *is* Google's way of favoring big business is sending me and the OP a specious note and suspending our accounts for any one of 10 things that may well be subjective. What's worse is not even bothering to respond to help requests about the suspension. In their documentation, Google mentions contacting your "ad manager" and "merchant manager" with concerns - this is also a slight to the smaller companies. I don't have a Google Account representative of any kind but I bet does.


In fact, let me make this perfectly clear: what angers me is the following:

1) The suspension message is completely unclear - with more than 10 possible "issues" ... some of which are subjective.

2) The suspension message makes claims that impugn my reputation.

3) There is abysmal support for responses to the message if you want to know why you have been suspended.



New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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Hello Terry, if you want support from members, please create a new thread and avoid getting frustrated. You'll get allot more help when you provide details of your situation such as website what products are submitted etc...


This is merely a forum, and your replies are simply making yourself more angry. We genuinely try to help, I would not mind looking into your issue. Please open a new thread and supply some details for us to help.


Again please remember we are freelancers, agencies, developers etc... and we are not part of Google. We simple help where we can.


For any formal complaints, please login to your adwords or merchant account and submit them there.


thank you.

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New account suspended re:Misrepresentation of self or product

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I think your problem stems from the "Our Story" page on your site, where you claim "the wearer can benefit from the divine powers of nature and also feel one with the ultimate force in the world."


I recommend reading the "Misrepresentation of self or product" policy page, specifically the section on "Misleading or unrealistic promotions," which forbids:


"Using false claims or claims that entice the user with an improbable result (even if this result is possible) as the likely outcome that a user can expect"