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New Zealand needs Google Shopping. How can we make this happen?

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Hi Everyone,


We've got a big problem in little New Zealand. More and more marketing and advertising companies are signing up to Google and becoming Partners. Plus all the businesses with their own in-house marketing team on Google. We can offer our clients Adwords, Analytics, Webmasters... but not Google Shopping?? When we saw all the awesome new dynamic display ads we were so excited about the potential for our clients, who are constantly asking how we can improve their web presence/search presence/online sales/ROI... you know. So for a minute there we were very excited to have this new tool in our arsenal. It was a happy minute.

Yes we are a small country, but the internet is a big place, and people buy from overseas every day. 
Our NZ companies need to compete on the world stage regardless of the physical size of our country.

Come on Google, give us Google Shopping. Anybody who reads this and sells products in NZ, regardless of where you are from please add your two cents. I heard that the Google team gets new ideas from the forums, so if we can get enough people agreeing hopefully they will do something about it!


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Re: New Zealand needs Google Shopping. How can we make this happen?

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Hey Cat,


Thanks for posting your request on AdWords forum. I believe Google Shopping Team is working to expand the operations for merchants across the world. However, there is no official information on when it will be available for New Zealand.


Let's wait for the comments from Senior Community Members. @MosheTLV @KathleenG 



Shafi Ahamed