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New Shopping Campaigns

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Ok, so I've already setup multiple shopping campaigns for the different product categories we sell, and thanks to Google London for last weeks Shopping Campaign Event I have a few more tricks to try and squeese even more positive results out of our campaigns.


However one question I have is it is possible to give more weighting to certain products that we would prefer to be displayed more often. For example let say I sell red shoes (standard example) the shoes I sell range from £10 to £1000. I have written good product titles listing 'Red Shoes' and in the description I mention again 'Red Shoes'. However when you search for 'Red Shoes' my most expensive shoes are showing. How am I able to optimise / rank up the better selling cheaper shoes so that they are appearing higher on the shopping results?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: New Shopping Campaigns

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Hi Chris, great question.  Shopping Campaigns actually have exactly the feature you want, built in!


Look in the Settings for one of your Campaigns and under "Shopping Settings - Advanced" you should see an option for "Campaign priority".  Some organisation of your products and use of this option, should give you what you want.


Alternatively, you could try controlling which items display simply by altering their bids.  Since "red shoes" of any value could appear for the simple search "red shoes", if you bid more for the items you prefer to display, they should stand a better chance of appearing in the results than those with a lower bid.



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Re: New Shopping Campaigns

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Thanks Cobnut,

I had a feeling it would require more work on my part to set it up better to make the options available. (I simply group all the same products into one campaign)

Therefore I could either create another campaign listing the 'most popular' items, then set that campaign to 'High priority' and the main catch all campaign to Medium.

To use your second suggestion I would need to have the feed setup in a way where I could filter the products since atm they are all grouped together. This could be overcome with creating 'Custom Labels' which you would then be able to filter via the 'Product groups' meaning that you can then adjust the bids for each sub category.

Back to work for me then before I nail my shopping campaigns.

Thanks again for the switch to my eureka moment Smiley Happy