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New Shopping Campaign for Canada

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I have a Shopping Campaign already running targeting US, I want to change the Feed and create a new feed for Canada in Merchant center.


I have gone through the help center and got some information, but need some more information form the experts here.


What Do I need to change in Old feed targeting (US) to create a new feed for Canada (CAD)?


Please let me know your suggestions.




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New Shopping Campaign for Canada

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the short answer is typically, currency, price, shipping, tax, and language,
for the item details (title and description), are changed within the feed,
for a target-country.

however, normally, to target a new country for a shopping-ad
and adhere to all google's rules, policies, and specifications --
first, the website must be changed, so that separate landing-pages
and website details accommodate all the rules and policies for that
specific target-country.

for example, currency, price, shipping, tax, and language,
must be changed on the website and landing-pages  --
automated currency and machine-language translation
are generally not allowed.

importantly, the website or landing-pages cannot automatically update based on
any user details, such as location, ip-address, browser user-agent/cookies, etc.

common implementations include using separate directories/folders,
url-parameters with server-side-scripts, or registering a new domain,
for each country and language that is wanted to target ads and that
google officially supports -- e.g.

then, a separate ad-campaign in the ad-account is created for the target-country;
a new products-feed is registered and shipping and any required tax, are set for

each target-country, within the merchant-center-account.

a separate feed is created from the updated website details;
then, the updated feed is submitted, for the target-country.

alternatively, there is google's currency-conversion-feature, which essentially
skips first step, of changing the website, but all other steps are required --
however, this method offers far less control over targeting the individual
country within the ad-auctions, and on the website, so typically performs
far worse overall.


items may also need to be removed from the feed --

depending on the specific policies of that country,

and what is being sold and shipped.

regardless of the method used to target the country/language,
a best-practice is to carefully monitor the country campaigns,
to determine if the bid, campaign, or other aspects of the
website, feed, should change, to help performance, within

that particular target-country.

for example, some types of items simply do not perform well,
or cannot be easily shipped across the entire target-country --
those items should typically be removed, altogether, from that
specific target-country's feed.

see also