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New Shopping Campaign Performing Much Worse than Old PLA. Anyone else?

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We switched over to the new shopping product listing campaigns a few months ago and everything was performing up to par with our old PLA. On October 1, 2014 when everyone was automatically switched over, we immediately saw over a 50% reduction in impressions, clicks, zero conversion rate, and we are no longer appearing on google shopping network. We increased our budget, set up product groups, all of our bids are higher than benchmark CPC, and after consulting with a Google account representative we now also have location, ad scheduling and devices bids all increased as well. It has been well over a week and the campaign continues to get worse after all of the measures we have taken. The google account rep that I spoke with said that she honestly couldn't figure out why the change was so dramatic and wanted me to check back in a couple weeks. 


Do you have any helpful advice that could push us in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: New Shopping Campaign Performing Much Worse than Old PLA. Anyone e

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performance is driven by both bids and quality factors.

generally, there have been new guidelines that are
(now) beginning to be more strictly enforced --
be certain all (feed) data submitted and the website
are meeting or have been updated to better reflect
the new guidelines; otherwise, quality and therefore

performance may  begin to decrease over time.

especially with respect to all images, on-hand physical inventory
availability, any apparel-item details, and any product bundling --

conversions typically relate more to the website and increased competition --
what is an exact website link url being used for a (poorly performing) item?

also, be certain negative-keywords are being properly utilized --
especially with respect to any poorly performing product-groups
and dimensions performance details.

during the transition to the shopping-campaign google can take a few weeks
before the updated quality measurements are taken and applied to all items --
during that time a drop in performance should be expected.

importantly, if the transition from regular-product-listing-ads campaigns
to shopping-campaigns for product-listing-ads were auto-upgraded or
upgraded without product-groups in mind, the campaign structure and
details can impact performance over time.

for example:
- be certain the old campaigns were properly paused;
- be certain all campaign-settings were properly transitioned;
- be certain budget details were properly transitioned --
especially if multiple countries were being targeted;
- be certain any inventory-filters were properly transitioned;
- be certain any new items were properly assigned to a product-group;
- be certain there were no id changes to any items;
- be certain any inventory changes did not impact the product-groups;
- be certain adwords_labels and adwords_grouping attributes were
properly transitioned in the feed and did not (negatively) impact
the product-groups and bid assignments;

- generally, be certain only one ad-group is set within the campaign --

or multiple ad-groups are mainly being utilized for promotions

rather than bid assignments;

- generally, be certain bid-strategies are designed

around bids per product-group rather than per-item,

all items are within an appropriate product-group,

and all (performance) data is carefully monitored --

especially with respect to very large inventories.