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New PLA/Shopping Feed transition.

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Hi All,


Background: I'm currently in process of switching our website from Shopify to Magento (same domain) and preping for the transition with Google Shopping as well. 

Shopify does not have a visible feed as it is automated through the Google API. For Magento we plan on using the Amasty Shopping Extension for automation.


Question: What is the best way to transition from one feed (Shopify auto 'feed') to a new feed (Magento - Amasty Extension). I've uploaded some test feeds and even a standard feed though I could not see any specific way to have my Shopping campaigns target the new feed as opposed to the old feed aside from completely removing Shopify feed/products from within Shopify. Ideally I would like to toggle between two feeds.



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New PLA/Shopping Feed transition.

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First make sure the product ID, is identical to the shopify feed. If you use a new feed application, the likely hood is that your id's will be different. In this case all your current and historic ranking will be wiped out. Meaning you need to start from scratch.


The best option is to find out how you can keep the old shopify id in the new data feed.


Once that is done, you can switch by adding the new data feed and disabling the old one at the same time. In this 24 hour period you will get a warning saying, duplicate ID, but this can be ignored as long as you have deleted the old data feed.


Than everything in your Adwords account will stay the same, as long as you have an identical data feed.


The first step you need to take is match the data feed info. Than migrate.


You can not test a new feed with Google Adwords Campaigns, only live data feeds are imported to Google Adwords.


Hope it helps.

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