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Negative keywork question for Product Listing Ads

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I'm going over my search terms report, keeping an eye out for negative keywords to add to my campaign to try and optimize our ad spend.


I am noticing that with a few products, there are very broad one word keywords in my search terms report that have a very low click through rate.  This makes sense to me since the keyword is so broad, that when an ad is served to google users it is more likely to not be relevant opposed to ads triggered by more specific search terms.


For example:


The search term sterilizer has a click through rate of .39%, with only 2 clicks out of 515 impressions and no conversions.  If I am correct in my thinking, I should add this as a negative keyword because it is lowering the overall CTR for the product ad that is being served for this term.  All of the other 29 search terms in my report related to this product have very good click through rates. Some examples of good performing search terms include ritter sterilizer or m9 sterilizer (when the user adds the brand or model).  If I add [sterilizer] as an exact match negative keyword will it only block searches for "sterilizer" ?  I still want my ads to be shown if a more specific search term is used such as "ritter sterilizer" or "countertop sterilizer."  Is this a good strategy?

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Re: Negative keywork question for Product Listing Ads

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Hi Priority P
You are correct. If you add it as a negative exact match, your ads wont show for the exact match but will show for the more specific matches. You're doing great Smiley Happy