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Need help with my PLA campaign

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Hi there, 


I have 2 items which I'm marketing which are struggling to generate impressions with really high bids. My website does not load slowly so I am confused as to why that's the case. I can provide more information if needed. 


Items marketed are:


- Earphones

- USB chargers. 


Please assist


Christopher Yip

Re: Need help with my PLA campaign

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Hi Christopher,

Really hard for anyone to give you advice on your Google Shopping Campaigns without seeing your Feed, your structure, Max CPC Bids, Landing Pages, etc.


What I would suggest is:


  1. Make sure you're setting Max CPC Bids on the individual Product Groups inside of your Campaign.
  2. Do you see a Benchmark CPC inside of your Campaigns?  Try to make sure your Max CPC are at least as high as your Benchmark CPC, and I'd probably suggest going a little higher than.  Try using the Bid Simulator  and see if that gives you any guidance.
  3. Make sure to be providing updated, fresh, relevant, content-rich, high quality data.  The data, along with your Max CPC Bids and Landing Pages help determine how often and what position you rank.
  4. Make sure your Landing Pages meet Google's requirements.
  5. Check to make sure that no Negative Keywords are potentially restricting your PLAs from showing.
  6. Make sure you've checked inside of Google Merchant Center that your priority products are approved and submitted in your most recent feed.


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