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NOT FAIR what do I do? Paying for google shopping PPC HELP!

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Hi Google adwords guru, I enjoy your responses as it's like chatting with a google bot.

Anyways so I use shopify and google shopping as my primary advertising. I was approved for 400k items (this includes variants so it's not that much). Holidays, i generated lot of sales but here is the problem.


Shopify has dropped the content api app where it won't refresh my items on google (if there is changes, new items, or renew them). I think I have one month left before they completely take away the shopify google app.


Now i'm working ways to upload google sheets to get it back onto google merchant apps which isn't a problem. (so far at least)


The issue I have is that, shopping is dropping the google app as mentioned but made a new app where it allows shopify customers to add there items on google with maximum of 10k items.


My question is, does that mean this new shopify feature of buyers get to expose there items (which are less then 10k items) free on google shopping? (kind of like etsy and ebay being exposed for free).


My ppc is at 1-2 cents for each item but I get lot of hits daily and monthly bill gets quite high.


If this new shopify link with google requires additional payment , then i have no issue. But if its like bay and etsy.. Then not sure what I should do. Because i have 400k items (variants included) I won't be able to qualify for the new google shopify app which is 10k items and under) but also seems im paying service where shopify customers are getting for free..


Maybe i need to contact shopify about this?

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NOT FAIR what do I do? Paying for google shopping PPC HELP!

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I'm sure you will have to still pay AdWords for your shopping ads. The app will only be providing the shopping feed to power the ads for free, not the cost of showing the ads.

NOT FAIR what do I do? Paying for google shopping PPC HELP!

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With regards to pricing, you will need to contact Shopify as this is a Google Merchant forum, we do not know any pricing of 3rd party tools.


There are also a wide range of other plugins, tools and management systems you can look into. Using a spreadsheet for 400k in my opinion is not viable method. You will end up with a daily issues due to data not being updated accurately. Having 400k product, I recommend using more professional tools.


Hope it helps.

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