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Can someone help please, I have been suspended due to NO ONLINE PURCHASING MEANS and I can't see what has happened.


I have been happily selling on Uk for years, I added spain a month or so ago and yesterday added italy, germany and france and then last night received this suspension on all accounts.


My UK feed hasn't changed for months and was recently reviewed by the team. Im not sure what it means as I obviously have online purchasing means as I have converted clicks in my adwords accounts.


Can anyone shed any light on the possible cause. 



Thanks for your time




ps I should say that I contacted support this morning and after looking at it for a while the chap on the phone, and others he asked, couldn't tell me what was wrong and said he'd refer it.

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I don't know what the specific problem is, but that reason usually means something is preventing the customer from checking out. It is worth (1) contacting the dev team to see if any website changes happened recently, especially having to do with the checkout process or product pages (2) reviewing the product pages and checkout process manually. There should be an obvious issue, no checkout button, button doesn't work, cart page doesn't work, no way to input your money, etc.

I've not done a lot with international selling, but it's suspicious to me that this was when you added those other countries in. This is for Google Shopping right? I believe all of those residents need to see their own language and purchasing currency (Euro instead of Pound, etc). Perhaps that is the issue if you didn't translate the pages or change the currency for those who land on those pages from different countries? More info on international Shopping feeds:


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that same similar message may be triggered
by issues related in any way to purchasing.

for example --

the purchase price for an item during checkout, the price displayed on the
link landing-page, and the submitted price, must all include vat, and must
all match exactly, at all times, for all users regardless of any physical
location or any identifiable information such as ip-address, user-agent, etc.,
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval or suspension,
at any time.

requiring a membership during checkout is also generally not allowed.

as was indicated, the submitted data, website, e-commerce,
and checkout must all be in the language and currency of the
registered feed's target-country, as defined by google.

machine translation or automated currency
conversion are also generally not allowed.

the registered-feed's target-country determines the language, currency,
tax, and shipping, rules and policies for the submitted data, website,
and checkout.

if the automatic-item-updates feature is enabled within the account then,
the microdata price on the website must also match the purchase price --
otherwise, this feature should be disabled within the account settings.

that said, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the
information presented here in the public forums and cannot look into

any account details or histories -- google is the final arbiter of all rules
and policies and google will be reviewing the submitted data, website,
e-commerce, and payment flow details.

the best likely course is to simply recontact google;
asking for a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist may sometimes help.

see also


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Thanks For all your replies,

I can't see anything obvious that I've missed but I'll review it this morning. Its a bit frustrating though that they have decided to shut down the whole account including the UK home feed which has been running for years and recently reviewed and approved too rather than just the new feeeds which might have some teething issues.

All the best



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Just to let you know that I emailed support on Sunday and then on Monday I missed a call from them and at lunchtime I was unsuspended.

I still don't know why I was suspended for the 3 days, but I'm back up and running now Smiley Happy

Thanks for your help



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Google Shopping is a very complicated system and uses alongside manual reviews, automated systems. These systems are not perfect and can cause havoc where there is non to create. Glad you are sorted.
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