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My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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I have setup a google merchant account and submitted a data feed, with 83 products succsessfully submitted. When search for our most obvious and successful product on google merchant, the results show tons of retailers and e-commerces carrying our product (including e-bay, and illegitimate copycats) but never OUR e-commerce site.
I tried browsing in incognito mode, but it's the same: not one single results linking to our site.

We created this product, it has a unique name, is successful, and it sells well on our site that has a decent traffic. 

But it looks like google has blacklisted our site from the results, for some reason?...

Please advise!


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Re: My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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Hi Sebastian


If your feed has been accepted and there are no errors displaying in your dashboard then you are not being "blacklisted" 


Your feed does take time to show, how long has it been since you uploaded and if your dashboard showing all items as searchable? There is a review period all new items must go through, so my first suggestion would be they are caught in this.


If not, then have you successfully linked your Google Merchant Center account and Adwords account?


Adwords & Merchant Center Link


Have you created a Shopping Campaign with a reasonable bid?


Create Shopping Campaigns


This is the first step in making sure your items SHOULD be listed. Once we are sure of this, we can then look into why they are not showing. However, on this note, you should use only that of your dashboard for impressions/clicks and not search for your own items. The reasoning for this is due to relevancy, if your items is shown to you, and never clicked then you are therefore making this item less relevant to results. Also, important to note, different users will have different results returned, based on many factors. 


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

If you find this or another response helpful within the forum "please accept as solution" to further assist and direct others.





Re: My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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Hello Tom,
The feed is updated every week and has been for months. All the products in the feed are showing as searchable under the merchant products dashboard.
Re: adwords: I have linked our adwords account to our merchant account. However, I do not understand why there should be a required link between the google merchant results (which is just a particular search type), and our adwords account? nor why we would need to have a "shopping campaign" running?

I assumed that if we went through the trouble (time and ressources) of setting up a merchant account and creating a compliant datafeed for google (which forced us to modify our internal database structure) this would automatically give our e-com products the visibility they deserve in the google shopping results.
Are these results not "search" results but highest-bidder adds?
Is this a misunderstanding?

Are all the results in google shopping when I do a search for our products (and there are thousands of results) paid for?

Re: My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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yes, both the bid and quality factors help to
determine the outcome in the ad auctions.

google-shopping is a highly competitive ad auction --
yes, a bid is required to participate in the auctions.

also importantly, if your products are being sold on multiple
websites and both are being submitted to google-shopping
then, that at the least, will cause self-competition within the

auctions and at the most, violates the policies -- google has

a one physical product listing, per merchant, policy.


Re: My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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Thank you, this answers my question. Google shopping pages should clearly tell the average visitor that the results displayed there are not "Search" results, but advertising. Placed between "web search", "image search", and "maps" it looks just like another way of searching for relevant results, but this is not at all how it works. Average users do not know that. Google Shopping is misleading and disingenuous at best.
I'll try to spread the word to the average user, so that google shopping is seen for what it is.

Re: My site does not show up in google shopping search results

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first, you're welcome.

the language google uses on the google-shopping
pages to address that very concern is currently --
"Google is compensated by these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results. Tax and shipping costs are estimates."