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My products are not showing on shopping search list

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When you search in google for our products our products do not seem to make the cut.  About 8 other competitors do show up though.  Normally, I would think its a quality score/cpc issue.  However, if I do the search and then click the shopping tab we are in #1 slot on the shopping page.  Why are we showing up on the top of the shopping page but not in the 8 or so products listed in the search results?  It has only been 12 hours since ads were enabled so is there a delay?  Thanks!

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My products are not showing on shopping search list

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Absolute top position in search and Google Shopping Tab are completely different in ranking factors. So number one is Google Shopping Tab is not the same as being listed in the carousel on web search.


Also if you are in a EU country, the competition for this spot is even higher due to marketplaces being able to bid for the spot.


To check your absolute top impression share, you can add a column absolute top is. in Adwords More info :


Ranking is defined by allot of factors such as :


Data feed quality such as required and recommend fields

The product you are selling, for example well known branded products will perform better than lesser known ones


Landing page


These are just the most obvious elements, but there are allot more.


So I recommend to try and improve everything you can to gain a better ranking.


Hope it helps.

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