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My product in Google Merchant Center ( feed) says the link is invalid, but i can browse to it.

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My Merchant id: 113664366

I have 2 products on my product feed ( BlindFish-BE.xml), one of which isn't displayed anymore in the feed because of the "url" is not browseable.

But it all works fine, so there is no error there.

This should be corrected, i don't know what to do else, because there is no "Select Manual Review" anymore as mentioned on :

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Re: My product in Google Merchant Center ( feed) says the link is invalid, but i can browse to it.

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generally, a landing-page must show the same data and price details to
all users, within all countries, at all times, regardless of where the user
is physically located or any other user-identifiable information -- such as,
ip-address, browser user-agent, device details (mobile/desktop), etc.


using a browser may not be enough to check conformance with the policies.


the website must also respond fast enough and with the proper (http)
status information to all google's crawl requests, throughout the world,
at all times.


however, forum-members cannot look into any account details
or any submitted data -- this is mainly peer-to-peer forum and
forum-members would likely need to see the specific feed
details and specific screen-captures of account messages,
posted here in the public-forum, to offer specific suggestions.


otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply contact google directly.