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My Merchant acc has been suspended

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I am back people and in need of your support. 10 products were approved in Google merchant center acc and suddenly this morning I find a message that my Merchant acc has been suspended. When I checked the reason it was not very clear but in the warnings I found that two aspects- google product category and product type had some issues


The problem is I sell gift baskets (mainly chocolates and toys) and mentioned ‘Gift Baskets’ as product category and under product type ‘Food Items’ as that is what I found for chocolates in Google’s list. Could anyone show me the light of the day please?

Also, for time few products were shown, I recd very few clicks, any suggestions?


Thanks in Advance

Re: My Merchant acc has been suspended

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Firstly I would suggest using the following link to help you find the right taxonomy for your google_product_category

(I believe the one most appropriate for you would be this one:
Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items > Food Gift Baskets)

Also the product_type can be whatever you want it to be, but make it relevant to your products and website. You may have something like Gift Basket > Chocolate Gift Basket.

In terms of clicks, you can always optimise your feed and have more searched for keywords / relevant keywords in your title and description. The quickest way to increase clicks is to raise CPC bids however I would recommend incremental increases over time as your feed builds up historical data performance (such as CTR data). The more data Google has about your feed both in terms of content and performance the more (or less likely - depending on stats) it is likely to show.


Another point to mention is that you should check the 'Data quality' within the Merchant Center to find out what the actual products and reasons are for your suspension.