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Multiple ecomm_prodid in dynamic remarketing

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Hey there,

 Have been looking for a solution to below problem where I am having troubles while passing multiple prodis to adwords dynamic remarketing tag. The sequences are as--


1. Passed 5 SKUs in an array data layer "utitemcode"



2. Created a Macro passing the data layer "utitemcode" as a variable



3. Macro used in dynamic re-marketing GTM tag.



4. The product validation FAILED.



5. Please note, the failled validation is not a Tag Assistant Bug (i saw some post suggests that). When i left tag on live site for 2-3 days, the AdWords starts showing me this error of "Prodis Mismatch"



Please help. Thanks a ton.


Re: Multiple ecomm_prodid in dynamic remarketing

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For GA dynamic remarketing, multiple id's should be passed as a comma separated string. Give it a try and let us know if this works. It's not called out in the doc, but there is a code sample that shows this case, under the retail section: