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Multiple Promotional texts

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Is it ppossible to have different promotional texts within a Shopping campaign?


Say I have many brands and I generally set "free shipping" as the default promotional text but I want Brand"X" to have a different promotional text like " buy one get one free"


Is this possible ? Or should I have another datafeed in my merchant center dedicated to brand "X"? and how do I link the right data- feed if this is possible?


Please comment and give your suggestions on this . Thank you! 

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Re: Multiple Promotional texts

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(1) the promotional-message applies to all items within a campaign (ad-group).

(2) absolutely, do not submit another data-feed for this purpose --
submitting any physical inventory item more than once is a policy violation
and grounds for items to be removed, disapproval, or suspension, at any time.

there are a few options that should help achieve your goals.

(a) submitting a proper shipping attribute that indicates
a zero shipping-price for an item will indicate to google
that free shipping may be shown in appropriate circumstances --
the promotional-message might then be used for other information.

(b) creating a new campaign (ad-group) for a specific group of items.

(c) the google-merchant-promotions program allows for a separate
promotions-feed and should allow for a promotion per-item --
assuming the text meets all google's promotion requirements.

details should be here --

Re: Multiple Promotional texts

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Brilliant. Thanks for feedback!