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Multiple Feeds in Google Merchant Center

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Hi Tom !
How are you ?

So As I understood - there is no use to creat 2 feeds for the same product + in the google shopping compain you can use only one FEED (could not find the bottom to apload another one i just created).

I wanted to make a feed for a product with discounts and put them on retargeting....


2) Among 2000 Itmes i have like 12 that has an Long title, I can not understand how to ajust it in Murchan Center RULES - as I understand, I can adjust it (shortent some how) all feed not particular 15 items i need !?

3) Please, help me with creating Cusoms Labels - can not find a tutorial ! In Youtube Western User have it - i quess we can not do it in Russia.

Thank you in Advance !



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Multiple Feeds in Google Merchant Center

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Submitting one product multiple times is a policy violation. You can only submit 1 unique product.

If you want to use dynamic remarketing with a different set of data, than simply use Google Adwords Business Data


The best likely course is to edit the title in the source data base, the merchant center rules are a final resort if everything else fails. If you want to edit using rules, it will be extremely hard as than you need to find out a rule how to apply it. You are better off doing it at the source.


All countries can use custom labels, you simply need to add them to the data feed.


Hope it helps.

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