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Multipack Quantity In Feed But Not Always Needed

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Around 7,000 of my 30,000 products is sold in multi-packs. I've added the Multi-pack Quantity to my feed and it works great. Except, for the items which are not sold as multi-packs. 1 is not a valid value, neither is leaving it blank. I cannot add a filter to use 2 separate feeds with different rules. I'm not sure what else to try? Any suggestions?

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Re: Multipack Quantity In Feed But Not Always Needed

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the multipack attribute accepts an exact numeric

value with an integer value greater than 1 (one).


for an xml feed, or the api (app submitted data), be certain that

the value is numeric and greater than one or not submitted at all --

the multipack attribute (element) should not be submitted, at all,

for non-multipack offers.


generally, only a tab-delimited feed would accept

an entirely empty value for non-multipack offers.


exactly how this is done depends on exactly how the data

is being submitted and how any feed-rules are being set --

if possible, the details should be changed at the source

rather than any feed-rule, which is usually a temporary

stop-gap that should eventually be implemented within

the data being submitted.


for example, if the data being submitted is via magento, whoever is supporting
magento or the specific magento-plugin being used should be contacted directly.


forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts.


google has a rather strict definition for a

multipack, with related rules and policies --