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Multi-Channel Accounts in Merchant Center

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I am working within the structure of an existing Multi-Client Account in my Google Merchant Center and have an question linking multiple websites inside an MCA. Currently the MCA is linked but not verified to a specific Site. This allowed us to create Sub Accounts which could claim and verify their unique website. If we choose to verify the parent account to the parent Website, will it default the existing Sub Accounts to change automatically and inherit the parent account verified website, or will it keep those Sub Accounts linked and verified to their existing settings? 


Here is the current structure of my Account. Should we verify the Multi-Client Account site will the verified sites for Sub Accounts change? A break in their set-up could cause major issues for all of our Adwrods Accounts.


Multi-Client Account: - Claimed Site =

      Sub Account: www.example.comClaimed and Verified Site = 

      Sub Account: www.example1.comClaimed and Verified Site =

      Sub Account: www.example2.comClaimed and Verified Site =

      Sub Account: www.example3.comClaimed and Verified Site =


Thank you for your help!


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Re: Multi-Channel Accounts in Merchant Center

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the merchant-center-multi-client-account is designed for two basic scenarios:

(1) a marketplace with one, single, website.

the marketplace decides if each individual seller (sub-account) product-feed's
will be funneled into a single linked account or individually linked accounts --
ad-management is almost never by the individual seller.

in the above scenario, the website claim is done once --
for all sub-accounts (sellers), that are under the primary

multi-client-account --

sellers have individual sub-domains or sub-directories
but inherit the main website url verification and claim --

ebay is the exemplar use-case.

if the sub-account website is not a sub-directory or
a sub-domain of the claimed parent-account then,
currently claimed domains should be unaffected.

linking is mainly a separate issue.

(2) an aggregator with multiple clients, each with an individual website
and individually linked accounts for their individually-owned advertising
accounts where all their individual product-feeds are individually funneled --
ad-management may or may not be by the client.

otherwise, generally, there is no need to link the main aggregator
account for all sellers; that would funnel all feed data into multiple
linked accounts and likely not what is wanted.

in this case, which is a slight hybrid of these two scenarios,
the main issue is who can, or who wishes to, verify and
claim the individual website domains.

if the parent website is mainly acting as an aggregator --
not hosting actual products -- and is currently verified,
there should be no need to claim the main, parent, website.

claiming is mainly for submitted feed data (link attributes) --
linking is mainly for funneling all submitted (feed) data into
shopping-campaigns for assigning bids and ad-management.

that said, the best likely course would be to consult with a
merchant-center product-listing-ads specialist so they can
look into all the account and all individual (sub) accounts,
and inspect the literal websites, before making any changes.

Re: Multi-Channel Accounts in Merchant Center

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Thank you Celebird! I will follow up with our Specialist to make sure we are appropriately aligned with out Multi-Client Account.