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More than one feed for dynamic display remarketing

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Hello all,


I manage merchant account for one of my customers via API. I upload two feeds last thursday and when I download the feed status, it says 190 products are valid in the first feed and 646/656 are valid in the second one. I have created display Ads in his adwords account and in the source i can see only 190 items approved, not both together (190 + 646 = 836).


Does merchant select only one feed like the source for the dynamic display Ads?

Or any suggestion what is wrong on this solution?






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More than one feed for dynamic display remarketing

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there is no requirement for registering a separate feed --

the one registered feed can handle multiple destinations,

per item.


a physical inventory item may be submitted only once --

regardless of the number of destinations the item may

or may not have.


all items submitted are funneled into the same linked ad-account.

any selection/splitting of individual items is based on:
(1) the item's destination/excluded destination --

(e.g. shopping, dynamic-ads);
(2) the item's status for each specific destination;
(3) the item's target-country;
(4) settings within the ad-account -- based on the above three criteria;

generally, check the per-item status under the products-list-tab by clicking
on a specific item's title -- check the item's destination, destination-status,
and target-country; then, check all settings within the ad-account.

note that shopping-ads and dynamic-ads are different destinations with
different rules and policies and therefore separate eligibility/status --
each individual item may have one or more destinations set/configured.

only individual items that have a searchable-status for the specific
destination and target-country will be eligible to be seen within the
ad-account or for those specific ad-auctions.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
the best likely course is to contact a support-specialist directly, at google.