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Missing shipping information

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This seems to get asked a lot, but, can't find a solution to this specific one...


I get this error on 100% of my products in the feed:


"Please specify at least one active delivery method for each targeted country, either in the 'shipping' attribute or in your account settings. Make sure that the delivery method is applicable to this item. For example, carrier-calculated rates have a limit on weight and are not applicable to heavy items. Note: Allow 15 minutes for account settings to take effect before uploading a new feed."


I have set a delivery method under Settings > Shipping > Delivery Methods & the country is set to "United Kingdom" in the top right dropdown.


I have a "shipping_weight" attribute set for all products in my feed.


Does anyone know what I can do to get this working?

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Re: Missing shipping information

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be certain that the shipping_weight value is accurate for the
physical item and is valid -- a valid shipping_weight value
should include a number, space, and google-supported unit; e.g.
123.45 kg

importantly perhaps, shipping_weight is only valid for either a shipping-weight
table, or carrier-rates that are calculated by google, and set within the account;
carrier-calculated rates are only valid for a u.s. registered feed.

for a u.k. registered data-feed, be certain that the shipping_weight
value for an item matches a weight-table value set in the account.

also, if shipping is set within the account and is wanted for an item then,
shipping cannot be submitted (in a feed or any submitted data) for that item --
any submitted shipping for an item overrides all account-based shipping.

also, be certain that a valid shipping-method is
set to active in the account for the target-country.

also, be certain to resubmit the feed after any account-level changes.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
but, a merchant-center product-listing-ads support specialist at google may
be contacted directly to look into both the submitted data (feed) and account.

Re: Missing shipping information

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Hi Celebird,

First off thanks for helping the community, you seem to be almost on every post lol.

secondly, looks like my shipping_weight value did not have the unit set! I will get that sorted and re-post if there is still a problem, thanks!

Re: Missing shipping information

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thank you for the kind words and the update.

Re: Missing shipping information

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Hi Celebird,

I've now set the unit of weight (kg), though still having problems unfortunately, how can I contact a merchant-center product-listing-ads support specialist at google ?

Re: Missing shipping information

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The row I see at the start

The errors I see on all my products:

The shipping param is not actually within my feed's .txt file, but it appears after a scan in the debugger, I thought this was set in the account settings anyway?

Shipping settings under Settings > Shipping - targeted country is in the top right! -

Table rates:

Re: Missing shipping information

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first, thank you for the screen-captures -- forum-members
cannot look into any account or any submitted data (feed).

the items seem not to be matching a table entry.

if two dimensions are used in a shared-library rate-table
then, the item must also match two dimensions, exactly.

since the rate-table within the shared-library, that is being applied to a
shipping-method, contains two dimensions -- a shipping_rate for a row
and a shipping_label for a column -- the submitted data (feed) must also
contain both dimensions -- shipping_weight and shipping_label attributes --
with values that exactly match both dimensions within the rate-table.

for example -- if an item has a valid shipping_weight value of exactly
14.5 kg
then, that item must also have a matching shipping_label value of exactly
Next Day

if either attribute is missing, or either value is not an exact match,
then, the item will not equal a corresponding rate-table entry value,
and will therefore be flagged as missing shipping.

a shipping_label can have only one, single, value.

be certain all items within the feed have both a valid shipping_weight
and a shipping_label value that exactly matches an entry in the table --
or, change the shared-rate-table accordingly.

importantly perhaps, google only ever uses the lowest-rate value --
currently, there is no concept of multiple rates, optional rates,
or selecting a rate, on google-shopping, for product-listing-ads;
only the lowest-rate value, with respect to any shipping options
such as delivery methods, is ever required or used.

a feed item will only ever match a single shipping rate.

for a live feed, always verify a matched rate, by clicking on the item's
title and scrolling down to the shipping-rate-calculator section, within
the products-tab of the merchant-center-account -- test-feeds simply
report no errors.

a (matched) shipping-rate must be either exactly correct or an overestimate.

as an aside, the debugger lists an attribute (shipping) simply to indicate
the error, regardless of the feed details; the flagged (shipping) attribute
value need not be, and in this case should not be, within the feed.

otherwise, seeing an exact item being submitted from the feed may help.

Re: Missing shipping information

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Shipping label being "2-3 days" "Next Day" etc?

Isn't that something that you can't really submit and google should handle? I can understand they can't tell the weight of a product, but the delivery label is something that a customer would eventually decide? Isn't this something that google should handle automatically?

These options could be applied to literally all of my products as customers will decide this! So how would you suggest this data is submitted for shipping_label? Could I only submit 1 of these? Though doing 1 obviously does not show the all the options here! Could I comma separate ALL of them do you think? Example:
"2 - 3 Days, Next Day, Next Day A.M, Next Day Before 10am, Saturday AM"

Re: Missing shipping information

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(1) yes -- a label in the shared-rate-table.

(2) there is no concept of multiple shipping rates for a product-listing-ad --
there is no concept of a customer, or google allowing for, selections or
selecting any (shipping) options, automatically or otherwise; currently,
there is simply no such feature.

about the closest notion of automatically is (only) for a carrier-calculated
rate or a rate involved with a user's location; otherwise, google calculates
and assigns shipping during (feed) processing -- there is no selection done
by, or available to, users.

regardless, only the lowest shipping-rate is used or displayed --
that rate must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.

(3) users may select a different rate on the website --
however, the default add-to-cart and any displayed rate
should match the rate submitted for a product-listing-ad;

that is, the rate under the products-tab after processing.

currently, there is no concept of users selecting a rate for
product-listing-ads; the ad shown is for a single item-offer,
with a single fixed price, and a single shipping-rate.

(4) only one shipping_label is allowed to match a single rate --
only one shipping_label value may be submitted for an item.

shipping_labels are mainly to segment items into groups --
for example, a different rate for all perishable items,
all items that require extra packing material, or for a
limited promotional special on shipping seasonal items,

all within the same feed.

(5) since there is currently no concept of multiple, selected, rates the best
likely course is simply to submit an exact shipping rate or overestimate --
that should also match or be higher than the default add-to-cart shipping;
for example, this could be done by submitting a shipping_label value of:
Saturday AM
2-3 Days
if the default or lowest rate can always be zero, for those submitted items.

otherwise, seeing an exact feed item and landing-page may help.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist at google may be contacted.