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Missing shipping information

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Re: Missing shipping information

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shipping is required and may be either set in
the account or submitted in the data (feed).

(a) if shipping is properly set and saved in the account then,
shipping may be excluded from the submitted data (feed) --
any submitted shipping is considered a per-item override.

(b) assuming the account-shipping is set correctly, the settings
can sometimes take a few hours or so, before being propagated
throughout the system and the data (feed) can be re-submitted.

check the feed's last-upload date under the feeds-tab, against
when the account's shipping-method settings were last saved.

(c) however, if a shared-rate-table is used, be certain that
a corresponding shipping-method-rate-table is also set.

a shared-library entry cannot replace, or be used as, a shipping-method --
the library is simply a reuse repository and a used-in field should (must)
indicate at least one shipping-method;

an active shipping-method must still be specified.

e.g. by selecting: use existing rate-table from shared-library.

(d) be certain that the shipping-method and any shared-library setting are
created within the proper target-country that matches the registered-feed --
the default is sometimes inadvertently set to the united-states.

(e) shipping_weight is required to be submitted if any weight-based table is
active within the account -- shipping_length, shipping_width, shipping_height
are all required for corresponding carrier-calculated rates; but, currently, are
available and used only for a u.s. registered feed.

all the shipping-dimension attribute values should also include a
number, space, and google-supported unit and might be submitted
and processed for possible future use in other target-countries --
but will otherwise be ignored.

currently, account-level carrier-calculated-rates are only
available for a u.s. feed and will otherwise be ignored.

(f) be certain all submitted weights fall within configured ranges.

for example, be certain that the 'all-other' option is checked and all
submitted data contains a proper and accurate shipping_weight value

check the individual item for any (shipping) details --
by clicking on the item's title under the products-tab.

hand-inspect the submitted (feed) data for any missing,
invalid, or out-of-range, shipping_weight values.

(g) a valid shipping_weight includes a number, space, and google-supported unit
123.45 kg

(h) importantly, to use a shipping-setting for a specific item, the
submitted shipping attribute value must be blank (entirely empty)
for a tab-delimited .txt or google-sheet feed -- -- and cannot exist,
at all, as a tag, for a google-xml .xml feed, for that specific item.

the shipping attribute (column) may be deleted altogether --
for a .txt tab-delimited or google-spreadheet feed if all items
will be using the account-level settings.

blank values within an xml feed will generally not be processed properly

(i) shipping may be either exactly correct or an overestimate --
if proper, exact, shipping cannot be set or submitted then, an
overestimate is required (either set in the account or submitted).

also, always verify the item's assigned (account or submitted shipping)
after processing, by clicking on the item's title under the products-tab.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --
the best likely course would be to contact a support-specialist.