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Missing recommended attribute: google product category - but the products do have a category

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I received this warning from Google the other day stating that I needed to add a product category to all of the products that are on the website. This is around 1500 products. Instead of going through and adding a specific product category to each product I just changed the 'Default Google Product Category:' for everything e.g. 'Business Industrial - Manufacturing' although we are 'Industrial Consumables' which Google does not have. This was the other day.


I now go onto google and the warning 'missing recommended attribute' is still showing. However when I click onto one of the products with the warning it states 'google product category: Business & Industrial > Manufacturing'. So all products now have a product category but the warning is still showing. Will this error go away soon or do I have to manually ask Google to recheck this? Why hasn't this warning gone away yet?


I appreciate all help.


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Re: Missing recommended attribute: google product category - but the products do have a category

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first, be certain no id value has changed for any item --
all updates are tracked by the id attribute and value.

some updates may simply take 72-hours or so to be
fully processed and reflected within the account.

otherwise, information under the diagnostics-tab is also historical
and may never go away, depending on the issue being reported --
despite the current-issue nomenclature.

for example:
(a) under the diagnostics-tab, click on the issue;
(c) under affected-items, click on the number;
(c) note the sampled-at date and the id -- verify the id has not changed;
(c) under the example column, click on the item's title;
(c) compare the last-update-on date to the sampled-at date --
also, verify that specific item's details and shopping-status.

also, under input-system, click on the feed-id and verify the feed and status.

importantly, the diagnostics-tab also only lists samples (examples) --
there may be many more items effected than what is being reported.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any feed or account details.

however, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support specialist at google may be contacted,
to look directly into the data-feed and account.

also, if any third-party or third-party software was
involved with the data-feed in any way whatsoever,
contacting the third-party's support organization,
before contacting google, is a best-practice.