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Missing microdata for condition

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"Missing microdata for condition" I am getting this error for my Google Shopping listings at Diagnostics -> Current issues -Items and have been for sometime now.

However when I test my product pages on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool ( it states that itemCondition: is present.

Here is a url you can use to test:

itemCondition is the last property displayed, "condition" and "Condition" as opposed to "itemCondition" are not valid properties.

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Re: Missing microdata for condition

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Hi Mike,

I have a couple ideas for you:

1) It seems that many of your product pages have multiple variations however the source code only populates one of the SKUs in the itemprop="productID" field. According to this page there should be offer data for all SKUs/variations:

1) Based on what I have read it seems that you may need to change "link" to "meta" in that line of your source code:
Original: <link itemprop="itemCondition" href=""/>
New: <meta itemprop="itemCondition" href=""/>

3) Lastly, if you updated this recently it can take a couple of days for it to sync with Google so the changes won't be reflected immediately in the diagnostics tab.

Hope one of these works!
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Missing microdata for condition

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merchant-center policies for the submitted
data (feed) require the condition attribute.

merchant-center policies for the automatic-item-updates
feature require itemCondition -- OfferItemCondition.

google may simply take 72-hours to crawl the website and verify microdata.


microdata is only needed for the (optional) automatic-item-updates feature.

the rich-snippets on the landing-page and item-offer
submitted must both meet merchant-center rules and
policies for automatic-item-updates and all other rules
and policies for the program.

for example, the submitted data for one, single, item-offer
must match all the data on the website landing-page for the
exact item-offer -- including the rich-snippets and the data
displayed for the single item-offer; generally, a range of
prices is not allowed and one default must be preselected.


if variants are submitted or displayed, the rules for variants must be

followed within the submitted data (e.g. identical item_group_id and

at least one unique variant attribute for all items in the variant-group),

on the link landing-page, and for microdata (e.g. identical id and sku

information for each variant-offer).

otherwise, if the optional automatic-item-updates is not wanted
and the message about missing-microdata is seen then, simply
disable the optional feature within the merchant-center-account
settings, resubmit the feed, and wait 72-hours.

importantly, the diagnostics-tab may also contain historic information --
messages may still remain even after the optional feature is disabled
and the feed is resubmitted or the issue is corrected; simply click on the
number (under the affected-items column), note the sampled-at-date and
compare both the file-uploaded-date by clicking on the feed-id and the
last-update-on-date by clicking on the title, for one of the examples.

if the diagnostics-tab is out of date with reality, simply ignore the
message or wait 72-hours for a re-crawl (re-sample) of the website.

an issue may apply to more items than is listed,
since the diagnostics-tab lists only examples --
a small sample-set.

otherwise, simply contact a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist directly at google so they can look into the
website, account details, and all submitted data.

google's structured-data-testing-tool only tests basic microdata syntax --
google's tool does not consider any additional merchant-center rules
and policies (e.g. for automatic-item-updates) in any way whatsoever.


microdata requirements for the google-shopping are currently here:


see also


Re: Missing microdata for condition

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Would following the ideas here work for our product variants?

Re: Missing microdata for condition

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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately I can't validate if the code in the link would be correct. A couple more places to look would be:

Best stackoverflow article I found:

other code samples:
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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