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Missing microdata for condition

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Struggling to find an answer to what appears to be a crawling problem on my 3 products I'm trying to get listed on Merchant Center.

When I click to get more detail so I know what needs to be corrected it just says 'Opps something went wrong'.


It's a Google Sheet feed.  When running the Google Merchant Add-on it comes back with 3 errors, but all it says is invalid data.  I hover over all the required fields and does not show anything wrong.


I've reached out to Google a few times promising a callback and have not heard from since.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Missing microdata for condition

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Here's a sample of feed from Google Sheet.  Error is not descriptive and just says 'Invalid Data, attribute includes invalid data."

idtitledescriptionlinkconditionpriceavailabilityimage linkgtinmpnbrandgoogle product categorytaxshippingadult
608442151528Universal Cable Tether (4 Pack)14" Adjustable Cable Adapter Tethers (Pack of 4), Aircraft Grade Braided Cable, Vinyl coated to protect, Stronger than the competition, Easy to install USDin stock > Electronics Accessories > Cable Management > Wire & Cable TiesUS::0.00:nUS:::0 USDno

Missing microdata for condition

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(1) spreadsheet-validation is not required for live processing --
direct feedback about the optional validation add-on and
related inaccurate messages, may be sent directly to google.

only live-processing of the data may show such details --
for live-processing, click on the feed-name and select
fetch-now, by clicking the three-dots, on the far-right
of the file-uploaded-on or no-feed-ready-yet message.

(2) missing-microdata relates mainly to the optional automatic-item-updates feature.


some websites simply cannot keep pace with all google's

crawl requests for policy checks and structured-data, or

are not up-and-running during the crawl.

if structured-data on the website does not exist, or does not meet all google's
requirements for shopping-ads and the merchant-center's related policy crawls,

or the site does not respond quickly enough to keep pace with all crawl requests,
then simply be certain that the optional automatic-item-updates feature is disabled

within the merchant-center-account -- then, simply ignore any related messages.

simply be certain that the sheet is always kept up-to-date
with on-hand physical inventory and the website information --
the sheet must be re-submitted (re-fetched) at least monthly,
or immediately after any critical change to the website or
physical, on-hand, in stock, inventory availability, occurs.

also, be certain there is only one, single, primary-feed
registered with google for the target-country and that
primary-feed is never deleted, unless a person at google
indicates to do so.

that said, forum-members cannot look into any accounts or submitted data --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information posted
here in the public forum.

posting more specific details, such as a specific url link
to a read-only version of the google-sheet being used --

rather than a copy-and-paste in the forums, which may

not show all potential issues within the google-sheet  --
and possibly screen-captures of the merchant-center's
products-feeds, feed processing, and products-lists pages,
may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course is to re-contact google directly --
weekdays during normal business-hours is usually best; indicating
that the issues relate to shopping-ads and merchant-center-account,
sometimes helps.


see also