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Missing microdata for condition: examples

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We have over 500 warnings for Missing microdata for condition: examples, but when I check the landing page urls in Googles Structured Data Testing Tool it shows 

itemCondition:new for the product.
What else do we need to do to get rid of these warnings?
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Re: Missing microdata for condition: examples

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Hi Marie
Are you getting any errors in Google Shopping?
The Microdata actually doesn't matter for Google Shopping as much as it does for organic search. As long as your feed is correct, Shopping should be fine.

Re: Missing microdata for condition: examples

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if there are (microdata) errors or warnings within the merchant-center --

be certain there is only one, single, productid, one sku, or one gtin
that is associated with one, single, microdata offer price, availability,
and condition value.

be certain the microdata matches the displayed information
on the landing-page and the submitted (feed) data exactly --
only one product id (sku) and one gtin per submitted item.

google-shopping microdata for automatic-item-updates has rules and policies
that go beyond anything reported by google's structured-data testing-tool --
which only reports syntax related issues.


be certain to click on any examples for potential details --

also, if only examples are indicated the issue may be far

more pervasive than just the examples.

otherwise, simply be certain that the automatic-item-updates feature
is disabled within the account -- automatic-item-updates will override
any submitted feed data and can trigger a disapproval or suspension
if any microdata is invalid or inaccurate -- with respect to the related
merchant-center policies or the physical item-offer.


if the automatic-item-updates feature is disabled then,

the errors or warnings may remain for a time; but, the

micodata will then apply only to organic-search.

see also

Re: Missing microdata for condition: examples

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I have the same problem with my website. According to Google's "parameters" I have 80% of items with supposed Microdata "problems". (This percentages constantly changes EVEN THOUGH I MAKE NO CHANGES TO THE INFORMATION FOR EACH ITEM AND THE NUMBER OF ITEMS DOES NOT CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

My store is a MIVA 9.0 store. If one item has a problem than ALL items should have a problem.
All items have ALL required and correct Microdata!!! Every item's source code shows this to be true.

Your above explanations do not apply in any manner whatsoever.

Please look at some of my item sources and tell me I am wrong.

The website is -

Re: Missing microdata for condition: examples

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generally, the site crawl and (microdata) issues reported
varies by the crawl frequency and the number of items --
if only a sample-set is reported then, that may still
mean 100% is invalid -- a hand-inspection based on
the example sample-set may be required.

the micodata and any displayed data must match the submitted data --
unfortunately, forum members do not have access to submitted data;

the data need not change for google's random crawls to report issues.

that website does not seem to have valid microdata for google-shopping --
such as a proper NewCondition corresponding to the condition attribute.

however, microdata is not needed unless the automatic item updates
feature is wanted -- otherwise, simply disable the optional automatic
item updates feature within the account; after about a month or so,
the related errors or warnings reported should begin to dissipate.

that said, forum members can mainly offer suggestions
based on the information presented here in the forums --
we cannot look into submitted data or account histories.

if the explanations or suggestions do not apply and the needed
information from the submitted data or account details cannot
be posted in the public forums, then a merchant-center support
specialist may be contacted directly at google.

Re: Missing microdata for condition: examples

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Thanks Celebird.