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Missing Shipping Information for only some products

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I currently have 168 products (152 active, 16 disapproved).


Up until this past month, all products were approved, but now it shows 16 are disapproved with "missing shipping information"

I can't see why these products are singled out.  I have some products that are heavy as this is an ecommerce website, but not all of them are disapproved.


I'm unsure what info I need to upload to help understand the issue.  Please advise.


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Missing Shipping Information for only some products

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google may sometimes disapprove only samples, or

examples of items, to use as a guide, to help find

a root-cause and then change the account-settings,

website, or all similar items, that may be flagged,

in the future, for the same or similar set of issues --

google does not necessarily check all items, or the

entire website, for all possible issues, all the time.


generally, heavy items have additional policies related to shipping.


 a best-practice is to review all submitted data, all accounts settings,
and all information on the website, against all current policies and any
policy updates, to help avoid future or more serious policy-flags.


otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer, public, community forum --
forum-members cannot look into any accounts or any submitted data --
posting, here in public, more specific information and details, may allow

other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.


otherwise, google may be contacted.