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Misinterpretation of PLA policy by Google specialist team

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First off, it's great to be back on the forums. You guys are great.


Is there a higher authority I can go to besides the 866-2GOOGLE number to resolve a misinterpretation of a PLA policy? Something like a "can I talk to your manager?" I have been in contact with a Google rep, who has been in contact with the specialist team about what the term "master key" means. I have not received any clear answers to any of my questions and keep getting stonewalled with "your product is currently violating our policies" and that's it.


That was my question, but for those that are curious, my client sells a handcuff key. For background, most peerless handcuffs have standardized on a specific key to open them. Much the same as luggage keys or a key you would use to open the bathroom door at your house (search "standard interior door replacement key") all use the same lock and key. Yes, you can open every bathroom door in your neighborhood, but is that considered a "master key?" Not according to the definition below however.


Google defines "master key" (by Googling "Define Master Key") as "a key that opens several locks, each of which also has its own key." The example given is of a custodian that has a key that can open different classrooms, each requiring a different key tooth combination to open. You cannot have a master key if there is only one type of lock, it's just called a key at that point.


Even "handcuff key" runs as PLAs (yes our competitors are allowed to run, but not us). If you look up "handcuff key" you'll see what a simple device it is. At its core, is is about as complicated as a metal wire with a bump at the end. My client's is much cooler, but that's besides the point.


There are also no issues with Google being able to sell handcuffs (which include the "master" keys). What is the difference between selling a bundle vs. the individual parts? Would my client be able to sell its handcuff key if it threw in a free pair of handcuffs?


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Re: Misinterpretation of PLA policy by Google specialist team

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google may also be contacted here --
select, "i need more information ..."

otherwise, there is no such formal escalation process --

but google does tend to read the forums.

seeing items advertised given a specific search-term does not
necessarily mean the product (listing-ad) has been inspected
by a person at google or is currently allowed.

potential policy violations by others may be reported to google --