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Microdata Not Working for Google Shopping

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We have microdata set up properly and it shows all the information needed (i.e. availability and price) in the Google Testing tool:


But in our Google Merchant Center it is not working and shows a warning of: "Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information"?


Anyone else have this problem? Our tech team has gone through it a number of times and can't figure out why we get errors on our microdata in shopping when it shows all the info on the testing tool?


Would appreciate some insight if anyone has some Smiley Happy



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Re: Microdata Not Working for Google Shopping

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having microdata pass the google-structured-data-testing-tool does
not guarantee that the microdata and landing-page meet the rules
and policies for the merchant-center automatic-item-updates feature --
the google-shopping rules and policies go beyond the basic schema.

what is accepted via the testing-tool and what is set-up properly
with respect to the testing-tool is not necessarily what is required
for the automatic-item-updates feature.

google's structured-data testing-tool mainly relates to the validity of the
microdata -- which is only a part of the automatic-item-updates-feature.

the microdata will be tested against the submitted data, what is displayed on
the website, and the rules and policies with respect to the merchant-center,
google-shopping, product-listing-ads, and automatic-item-updates-feature --

changes to the website can take up to 30-days to be reflected in the account.

for example, the following would likely pass or be ignored by the testing-tool
but would fail with respect to the merchant-center's automatic-item-updates --
for example, microdata must match the website displayed data;
for example, microdata must match physical inventory availability;
for example, json-ld is not allowed;

# update: json-ld is now allowed and recommended for shopping-ads --

however, use either json-ld or microdata, but never both, on a page;

for example, any dynamic data must be inserted server-side, never via javascript;
for example, itemscope can only be assigned to one, single, price;
for example, price ranges are not allowed;
for example, auto-generated microdata based on user locale is not allowed;
for example, an offer not nested under a product is not allowed;
for example, only periods are allowed for itemprop prices;
for example, any sale_price submitted must be shown as the itemprop price;
for example, priceCurrency is usually required, depending on the landing-page;
for example, microdata must exist as html on the link landing page;
for example, all microdata must match exactly what what is shown to the user;
for example, price and availability cannot contain ancillary text such as spaces;
for example, usually, all three price, priceCurrency, and availability must exist;
for example, microdata must also exist as html on any mobile_link landing page;
for example, only one item-offer is allowed on the landing-page;
for example, variants require microdata gtin and sku that exactly matches the
gtin and id with a proper item_group_id and variant-attribute in the data-feed;

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts;
we would typically need specific information such as an exact data (feed) entry,
exact link url, the exact messages, screen-captures, etc., -- posted here within
the public forum, to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, simply contact google directly and ask for a
merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist.

Re: Microdata Not Working for Google Shopping

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Do note that the diagnostics tab has a delay of 2 days and that each product within that warning is not checked at the same time. You can check the details of the product and see when it was last crawled, you will notice that the dates are all different. This means that it will take around 30 days or more for all warnings to disappear if you have added the microdata correctly.
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