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Merchant identifier in search campaign

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what is the purpose of showing the merchant identifier in search campaign and also the other  shopping setting like inventory filter. Now i have added the merchant identifier means linked the merchant account with the search campaign. Please make me understand what is the impact of it and why is it showing if its of no use?

Would appreciate a quick response.

Re: Merchant identifier in search campaign

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Hi Tasha, 


It sounds like your just starting out if you've just linked your merchant center account to adwords. 


Theres a video and more info here On how to get started 


Bascially linking these two products allows you greater control over the items and bids in your adwords campaigns. The link above has a good intro but feel free to ask anymore questions here.


Good luck Smiley Wink 


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: Merchant identifier in search campaign

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I know this is an old post but since it comes up as the primary thread when searching Merchant Identifier, I thought I'd add my experience and embarrassment on this seemingly harmless field.  Let me first qualify this by saying I don't know what came over me. When the Merchant identifier first appeared, I thought I was simply filling out a broader profile of my campaigns.  So, stupidly I linked our merchant identifier to our SEARCH ONLY campaigns!!! BEWARE!!!


Since doing this and hearing repeated commentary by Google that (a) it's harmless and I should not fear and (b) it CANNOT BE CHANGED - WE WARNED YOU IN THE ONLINE PROMPT....  it's still there and breaking all my exports to Bing.


Now I know that Google could care less about a clean AdWords export to Bing... not their problem.  I also accept that this was at best, mischievous and generally dumb to do such a rookie mistake; BUT REALLY GOOGLE... can't fix it???  Come on.  They assert that the field is harmless and yet they will do NOTHING to unlink the identifier.


For clarity, when I go to import AdWords into Bing Ad's, the import breaks saying that the campaign has unsupported features.  This is a change because when I initially tried this, it said that we had to limit our merchant account campaigns to the USA. So in the mind of Bing, based on the data being fed from Google, this field has colored all of my text ad campaigns as Merchant Product Campaigns.


When I try to import via Bing Ad's Editor it at least shows me that it can take the data but considers every data element not as a modification of the original but a new element - all new keywords, all new ad's etc.  That won't work.


So, here I sit now having to manually keep the two environments in parity.  In theory can export from Google and import in to Bing Ads but have not found the secret sauce to make that have any different results.


Bottom Line:  Total Rookie Move that has had major impact on my workflow.  I recommend Google circle the field with a BIG RED LINE and say "HEY YOU... DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS FOR."   Perhaps given that dumb dumb prompt I'd have not been such a ... well you know.