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Merchant feeds for different countries

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We currently run a shopping feed in the UK for our business, but want to expand to produce and run a USA merchant feed. Two issues:


  1. Currency - we can convert the currency and provide a landing page for USD - the only issue is that these pages would have to be indexable by Google, possibly creating duplicate pages. We have canonicals in place, so this shouldn't cause an issue. Does anyone see a problem here?
  2. I've read other threads which suggest a different ID is required as it is a different feed completely. Other threads say that only applies if I'm running more than one feed for the same country. Can anyone offer any insight into this?
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Re: Merchant feeds for different countries

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1. From Google Shopping perspective no not a problem, regards to duplicate content make sure you define the language in the webpage. I would recommend to research how to establish this. But you should not worry about duplicate content when serving different languages.
2. Keep using the same Merchant account is best.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Merchant feeds for different countries

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(1) be certain that any currency and other conversions
are based on the link url, not the user's location or
any other such automated method -- otherwise, that
is a policy violation and grounds for a disapproval or
suspension from the program, at any time.

otherwise, there is no duplicate-content issues with respect to
product-listing-ads since each country will require separate data
(feeds) and separate (shopping-campaign) targeting.

duplicate-content issues with respect to organic-google-search
should likely be verified and discussed in the webmaster-forums:!categories/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking

(2) a separate feed and separate unique id's per
target-country are required -- simply register
the separate feed within the same account.

a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for id; e.g.

critical data within the feed and on the landing-page
will need to change to accommodate the rules and
policies of the target-country.

a separate merchant-center-account should normally never be used.

however, submitting the same feed, or a different feed with the same

id (attribute) values, for target-countries, will result in either all items

being removed from one of the target-countries or duplicate listings --

which is a policy violation and grounds for disapproval or suspension,

at any time.

see also